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For ease of understanding, excerpts which relate to a particular theme have been put together from different channellings.  Some of the original language has been altered slightly, as Robert’s Welsh phraseology isn’t always easy to understand! Words in italics within Robert’s answers have been added to clarify the meaning. Some extracts may be repeated in more than one post if they cover more than one subject. Robert’s original words, as transcribed from the recordings, are given in a PDF file which can be accessed via the link at the bottom of the Blog post.

If you are confused by some of the terms Robert uses (eg monkey, Wooden Doll, coats) check out the Glossary of Terms on the right hand column or, to fully understand Robert’s terminology, we suggest you watch this Powerpoint explanation:

Summary of Robert’s Themes Slide Show

When speaking to people, Robert prefers to follow a question and answer format. He has explained that a person needs to be able to formulate a specific question in their own mind to illustrate that they are ready to receive and understand the answer. He sometimes gives slightly different answers to similar questions from different people. This is because he is aware, via communication from the person’s own Inner Being, of their level of understanding and how the question relates to their own life.

Index of Topics

Animals (Beasts) & Plants

Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides

Climate Change

Creation – Clock Analogy

Deja Vu

Earth, Evolution & Environment

ETs, UFOs & Light Beings

Future – How we create our Future with our own Thought-Forms (Car on Road Analogy)

Happiness 1 – Ripples in the Lake Analogy

Happiness 2 – Car on the Road Analogy

Healing 1 – Thought-forms & Healing

Healing 2 – Different Modalities

Healing 3 – Various

Importance of Humans (Wooden Dolls)

Inner Being 1 – What is an Inner Being?

Law of Attraction 1 – Create the Reality you Want

Law of Attraction 2 – Choices & Differing Viewpoints

Law of Attraction 3 – Split Wanting, Worry, Writing a List

Law of Attraction 4 – Manifesting & Thought-forms

Meaning of Life

Meditation (Know Your Inner Being)

Mediumship & Clairvoyance

Multiverses – Foretelling the Future

Negative Experiences – Why bad things happen


Orbs or Spirit Lights

Other Dimensions (Environments)

Past Lives & Karma

Sleep, Dreaming & Insomnia

Soul Groups & Soulmates

Taming the Monkey Mind

Time & Parallel Lives

Transition (Death) 1 – The Experience of Transition

Transition (Death) 2 – Near Death Experiences

Transition (Death) 3 – Fear of Dying

War & Religion – the Causes of Conflct