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Importance of Humans (Wooden Dolls)

The Importance of Humans (Wooden Dolls) and the pressing need for greater connection to their Inner Beings (Sg 14.5.2014)

(for further explanation of Wooden Dolls see Human Beings & Inner Beings)

blavatar RHNow what I have to explain, is that the physical is important, the Wooden Dolls I call them (humans). The Wooden Dolls are important.  They are very much big important, for the growing, the ever-becoming of your environment – there are many hundreds of environments all becoming (evolving). Your one is all becoming, a part of the all, no different. Look at your environment. There are hundreds and hundreds of your different beasts and your plants and such like them. Many hundreds – all different, all have influence on the other ones. Now your Wooden Dolls they are the ones through whom we other energies (in Spirit can have most influence on your physical environment. We flow, all energies, we flow the life force, you call it, into all of your beasts and your plants and your Wooden Dolls but most in this moment, the most influence of knowing of what our wanting is, is from your Wooden Dolls. Now the Wooden Dolls have big influence on all of the others in your environment, your beasts and such. That’s why it’s very important that more Wooden Dolls develop bigger pipes to their Inner Being. So there can be more influence from their Inner Beings, this is wanted now.

‘Tis important for your environment has need for less polluting energy, for the energy created by the Wooden Dolls now to sustain their lives has (negative) influence on your beasts and your environment. Now there is a bigger energy, – Zero Point energy. It exists, it’s all here, it’s all everywhere. It’s what I am, it’s what you are. When I talk of energy that is what I mean. That is the word that your Man has for it. One day your Man, your Wooden Dolls will know. They will have the knowing to work with this Zero Point Energy and it will be used instead of the energy that you are now using.

It is very good for the beasts and the environment of your living. It helps the growing, the ever-becoming. It (Zero Point Energy) will be easier and faster and less of a problem for it. But it can also be a big problem if it is not properly developed. It can harm the beasts and your physical environment. It can be big harmed. So there is a big need now that all the Wooden Dolls do not have belief in the stories of their Mams and Dads. Now they have bigger need for no stories (of religions etc), but to have bigger pipe to their Inner Being, so the Inner Being can have bigger energy to the Wooden Doll and more influence for the Wooden Doll. This moment in time is important for Wooden Dolls. All environments have moments when there is great importance and moments when it’s not so important. Now in this environment it is very important in this moment that Wooden Dolls start to have bigger pipes. So do not think that Wooden Dolls are not important. They are most important for the becoming of them and their beasts, and their environment (the Earth) will develop (and thrive) or not develop because of the Wooden Doll more than all others.



How Inner Beings and the Earth Environment grow based on the experiences and thought-forms of humans (Wooden Dolls)

Is it resonance that connects everything, especially with your example of the Russian dolls? JP G 22.5.14

All beings have at any moment an ‘Aaah’ (positive) or an ‘Urgh’ (negative) feeling; the sum total of all these feelings is what grows the environment and is responsible for how it grows (whether in a positive or negative direction). That is important for all to know. It is always becoming, all is always becoming. I have big laughing for the one here, Saesneggar, thinks of heaven and hell. But all is the thought-form. Now I am at Level 2, I do not sit on the cloud with a harp. I am not done, I am becoming, always all are becoming, not done, all growing. We are growing ‘Aah’ or growing ‘urgh’, that’s your job, that’s what you do. Your thought-forms are strong. The monkey makes the thought-forms, that is strong, it has the growings for the one on the cloud with the harp (our thought-forms help the Inner Beings to grow).


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Earth, Evolution & Environment

Does the earth need healing? AS 8.7.14

Anita Spring, Rainbow caption sm watermarkedThis is not so. The environment has had many many transitions. The Wooden Doll that you know as me, is very new, it is not a big problem of your environment. The Inner Beings flow through all things, all one energy; the same flow in plants and beasts. Environments have one energy, the same as the energy of all Inner Beings. The balance in this energy, it is balanced by the Inner Beings. The Wooden Doll has influence, but the Inner Beings have more (responsibility for the) transition of things. Your environment has moments when it cannot sustain the same beasts.

When it is very cold in your environment many beasts are not able to survive in that environment. Now the Inner Beings are saying, it’s not a problem for the environment now needs different beasts. The changes in all animals take place when the babby is in mam (when in the womb). The DNA of the babby has the 2 choosings from both mam and dad (DNA from both parents). Now the Inner Being can choose ‘I will take this piece of mam and this piece of dad for best probable survival in the new environment’ – small changes. But there are moments when big changing (is taking place) and the choosing for small changes in the DNA cannot be fast enough, much faster is needed. Then the apparatus of the babbies, that apparatus it is no longer a fit for the environment, for the apparatus of babbies has small, slow changes (through the generations), now the environment undergoes a big, fast change, then the beast cannot survive. It’s not a problem for the Inner Being always manifests different, the changing for the babbies (of the new generations), but always the plants and the beasts will be there, though they might not look the same, because the environment might not look same.

One problem that can seriously harm your environment is the Zero Point Field. It’s something new for you, not much is known of it – the Inner Beings want to communicate this to the Wooden Dolls of science that can understand this properly. They have new work in this area, the Zero Point Field. The Zero Point Field is not new, it’s always there, this is where Robert lives. This is where your Inner Being lives. This is the energy of your environment. Your Wooden Dolls have now new experience of this, very small knowings (the beginnings of understanding). Now the fear is that if the Inner Beings are not able to explain properly to the Wooden Dolls, then the using of this energy might not have the outcome that is wanted by the Inner Beings of Wooden Dolls. This is why the many pools blue_earth_and_moon_wallpaper-normalfor your environment are now sending knowings to the Wooden Dolls who are working with, (and experimenting with) the Zero Point Field. They are learning a great deal quickly, this is wanted. But I want to tell you something important. The worst thing is if the Wooden Dolls do not have proper knowings of the Zero Point field, then the energy of your environment will fast destroy the environment, but this is not a problem for the Inner Beings, there are other environments (to create). They will have the flowing in other environments also. It has happened many times that the Zero Point Field has not been understood by Wooden Dolls of the an environment. Usually the Wooden Dolls have much more knowledge before they discover the Zero Point Field. It has been found early here.

Environmental Effects: mobiles, fluoride, chem trails, meridian lines, microwaves

Mobile Phones: Is the energy from mobile phones a danger to us or does the pipe from Inner Being override things like that? JPG 22.5.14

It is a very small amount of energy, it’s not a problem. This device that is in your pocket is small. There are other devices which emit big energy for your apparatus. You cannot see it, but the apparatus has waves of energy from them so they are not often with you but they are always flowing in your environment. But it’s not a problem if it’s not in your apparatus often; if not for many moments then no harm is caused. But the ones that are always with you all the time (such as mobiles), they are small and do not harm.

Fluoride: Is fluoride a problem for calcification of the pineal gland? CC 2.5.14

Many chemicals in this environment have influence on the physical but they have influences on different parts of the body. The influences are not strong in size when compared to the size of the pipe to the Inner Being. Having a bigger pipe is more important. With any problem needing healing, if they get a bigger pipe to their Inner Being, there will be no need of healing. The Inner Being always has big health. A positive attitude and excitement gives the person more energy from the Inner Being.

Chem Trails: Are chem trails anything harmful or just vapour trails? CC 1.7.14

They have the very small parts of the waste from the contraption (aeroplane) , so it’s small, no problem. Just the waste goes into the environment.

Some people believe it’s governments spreading chemicals on Wooden Dolls with these? This is not true. The only ones with the chemicals, they are the much smaller plane which fly low down and put water on the fire or the food or such like for growing crops. These are small (planes). Not for control of Wooden Dolls, not, no. There are only gas attacks like that one with the underground train. They have that in the train. Not governments, but groups of men, wanting to control.

Meridian Lines: Do I have any energy meridians near my home? CC 22.7.14

All places have them, like (meridian lines) in your body. There are many hundreds of small ones for flowing of energy. The environment is the same, is has many hundreds of small flowings, in all places. Cannot sustain the environment if there are no flowings, they are what they all use. The Zero Point Field is flowing in places like Robert is flowing.

Microwaves: Are microwaves harmful and do they destroy the good energy in food? CC 13.8.14

They harm the living of tissue. Your body could not survive the flow of microwaves through you, cannot have. But there is no problem it is used on tissue that is not living. There is no problem. The vibration is fast. Has energy flowing. Faster than you can have in your body. Can have the shot of this wave form for food, no problem, for the life of the wave is short. There is no vibration when you bring the food into your body, the microwave vibration has stopped.

Does it destroy the nutritional value of the food?

It does not change the molecular structure of the matter. It does not change. It is possible for your food, it does not change anything.

Do the machines emit harmful waves?

When they have the correct working, they don’t put out the fast vibration, it is only (contained) in the box. When the lid of box is old, it can have the leaking of the fast vibration. It would only take a small leak to destroy the living tissue of your body.