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Healing 3 – Various


  • Importance of the Connection to the Inner Being
  • Hand positions in Healing
  • Spirit Guides in Healing
  • Trance Healing
  • Distance & Group Healing

Importance of the Connection to the Inner Being:  Are chemicals in the environment a problem CC 2.5.14

Many chemicals in this environment have influence on the physical but they have influences on different parts. Not strong in size when compared to the size of the pipe to the Inner Being. Having a bigger pipe is more important. With any problem needing healing, if they get a bigger pipe to their Inner Being, there is no need of healing. The Inner Being always has big health. Positive attitude and excitement gives more energy from the Inner Being.


hands light blueHand Positions in Healing:  Does it matter where I touch people in physical healing? BH 22.7.14

Yes it’s important where. It will be different for different Wooden Dolls and the same Wooden Doll will have need for different places at different times. When energy becomes faster in the Wooden Doll, then healing is needed in various places where the energy is not so fast – the hands in healing will help to make the energy flow faster (in those parts of the body). The body always has parts that can sustain faster energy and parts that cannot sustain faster energy. Your Inner Being will direct your hands to the places. The Inner Being can always feel the energy of the Wooden Doll. Sends wanting to your head to put your hand in this place and keep it in this place, then the Inner Being will send you a big wanting now to move your hand to another place. No need for your monkey to be involved, your monkey can stay sleeping. Sometimes you will feel the healing is not working because the Wooden Doll’s energy is not big enough to take it all.


Spirit Guides in Healing: Is it helpful to see guides in healing? BD 1.7.14

In healing you need bigger, stronger energy through your pipe, so your head sees a guide and thinks ‘ah stronger, faster energy here’, then stronger, faster can flow into the Wooden Doll.


Trance Healing: When I’m healing is it best to think about healing, or to think about other thoughts or to try to go into a trance of some sort for the energy of the communication? SC 29.7.14 & AS 24.6.14

When a healing practitioner’s energy is fast enough for it to be easy to go into a trance-like state, then the vibration flow from the Inner Being is faster and then can have the conversation of energy from your Inner Being and the Inner Being of the Wooden Doll who is having the healing. That is easier to manifest the fast energy from you to the Wooden Doll. It is good to practice more sleeping of the head (trance) when healing. Your head needs to think of a thing that makes the monkey bored so the monkey will sleep. So think of a thing that has no interest for you. Think of water with the stone and the wave comes over the stone, always the same wave, no change, more, more, more. Then the monkey will sleep, but don’t think in your head ‘oh this is happening’ because then the monkey will be jumping up and down and dancing. He will be excited, and the trance state will not happen, cannot be. You need to give the monkey a boring thing.

When healing in a trance-like state, the energy flow is stronger than when not in a trance-like state, whether working hands-on or hands-off. But when the ill Wooden Doll is not with you, the Wooden Doll (is likely to) make its pipe small once more so, that’s where the head and the thought-forms are important. NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with the trance healing is the combination that is important for both – to heal the head and the body.


Distance Healing & Group Healing

Is healing by distance as strong as healing in person? JP 22.5.14 & AS 24.6.14

It makes no difference whether you’re touching the Wooden Doll or not touching. It goes via your Inner Being to their Inner Being. The thought-form is the real thing, that thought-form carries the energy and the momentum for the healing. The more practised the thoughts, the more momentum of the energy of that thought, more and more momentum. Any thought-form is living, always in every moment, forever. That thought-form will have matter for ever, so practise what you’re thinking. The healing is the thought-form, the energy flow through your pipe from your Inner Being, through your apparatus into the body of the sick one and the thought-form remains always and when you are not with the sick one, it doesn’t matter, the thought-form will be with the sick one. You have more momentum in your head when you are touching the sick one, but it’s only in your mind, it’s not real. Also when the Wooden Doll receiving the healing has the physical feeling of the hands (of the healer) it helps them to believe it’s helping them feel better. The apparatus has the same healing (by distance) but the head of Wooden Doll is not knowing.

When I do distance healing, is it effective to intend it to go to several people at once? Does each person receive the same or does it split the energy? CC 7.10.14

It doesn’t matter how many. The vibration of your Inner Being is flowing to their Inner Being, can have many hundreds of them. It doesn’t matter if one or a hundred, it’s not like the loaf of bread and the fishes! (not a true story) It’s not a problem, the energy is flowing to the Inner Being of all of them.

And is it effective to send the healing to the groups of people just for a short time? Does it need to be half an hour, or is 10 minutes also effective?

Energy always sustains. Like putting the coin in the purse, can put small, can put big. Always in the purse, it always helps.

Is it possible for me to intend to send healing when I’m doing something else, like when running, or do I need to sit and focus on it?

The running, this have the power of the repeating of a pattern. This makes it possible for the head to ‘sleep’. When the head is sleeping, then the monkey doesn’t make the pipe small. The monkey goes asleep when he is bored with the repeated pattern. He sleeps and the pipe can be big. It’s helpful to have always the repeating pattern, can have the running, can have the knitting, can have the make a picture, any repeating pattern. All work.