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Healing 3 – Various


  • Importance of the Connection to the Inner Being
  • Hand positions in Healing
  • Spirit Guides in Healing
  • Trance Healing
  • Distance & Group Healing

Importance of the Connection to the Inner Being:  Are chemicals in the environment a problem CC 2.5.14

Many chemicals in this environment have influence on the physical but they have influences on different parts. Not strong in size when compared to the size of the pipe to the Inner Being. Having a bigger pipe is more important. With any problem needing healing, if they get a bigger pipe to their Inner Being, there is no need of healing. The Inner Being always has big health. Positive attitude and excitement gives more energy from the Inner Being.


hands light blueHand Positions in Healing:  Does it matter where I touch people in physical healing? BH 22.7.14

Yes it’s important where. It will be different for different Wooden Dolls and the same Wooden Doll will have need for different places at different times. When energy becomes faster in the Wooden Doll, then healing is needed in various places where the energy is not so fast – the hands in healing will help to make the energy flow faster (in those parts of the body). The body always has parts that can sustain faster energy and parts that cannot sustain faster energy. Your Inner Being will direct your hands to the places. The Inner Being can always feel the energy of the Wooden Doll. Sends wanting to your head to put your hand in this place and keep it in this place, then the Inner Being will send you a big wanting now to move your hand to another place. No need for your monkey to be involved, your monkey can stay sleeping. Sometimes you will feel the healing is not working because the Wooden Doll’s energy is not big enough to take it all.


Spirit Guides in Healing: Is it helpful to see guides in healing? BD 1.7.14

In healing you need bigger, stronger energy through your pipe, so your head sees a guide and thinks ‘ah stronger, faster energy here’, then stronger, faster can flow into the Wooden Doll.


Trance Healing: When I’m healing is it best to think about healing, or to think about other thoughts or to try to go into a trance of some sort for the energy of the communication? SC 29.7.14 & AS 24.6.14

When a healing practitioner’s energy is fast enough for it to be easy to go into a trance-like state, then the vibration flow from the Inner Being is faster and then can have the conversation of energy from your Inner Being and the Inner Being of the Wooden Doll who is having the healing. That is easier to manifest the fast energy from you to the Wooden Doll. It is good to practice more sleeping of the head (trance) when healing. Your head needs to think of a thing that makes the monkey bored so the monkey will sleep. So think of a thing that has no interest for you. Think of water with the stone and the wave comes over the stone, always the same wave, no change, more, more, more. Then the monkey will sleep, but don’t think in your head ‘oh this is happening’ because then the monkey will be jumping up and down and dancing. He will be excited, and the trance state will not happen, cannot be. You need to give the monkey a boring thing.

When healing in a trance-like state, the energy flow is stronger than when not in a trance-like state, whether working hands-on or hands-off. But when the ill Wooden Doll is not with you, the Wooden Doll (is likely to) make its pipe small once more so, that’s where the head and the thought-forms are important. NLP (neurolinguistic programming) with the trance healing is the combination that is important for both – to heal the head and the body.


Distance Healing & Group Healing

Is healing by distance as strong as healing in person? JP 22.5.14 & AS 24.6.14

It makes no difference whether you’re touching the Wooden Doll or not touching. It goes via your Inner Being to their Inner Being. The thought-form is the real thing, that thought-form carries the energy and the momentum for the healing. The more practised the thoughts, the more momentum of the energy of that thought, more and more momentum. Any thought-form is living, always in every moment, forever. That thought-form will have matter for ever, so practise what you’re thinking. The healing is the thought-form, the energy flow through your pipe from your Inner Being, through your apparatus into the body of the sick one and the thought-form remains always and when you are not with the sick one, it doesn’t matter, the thought-form will be with the sick one. You have more momentum in your head when you are touching the sick one, but it’s only in your mind, it’s not real. Also when the Wooden Doll receiving the healing has the physical feeling of the hands (of the healer) it helps them to believe it’s helping them feel better. The apparatus has the same healing (by distance) but the head of Wooden Doll is not knowing.

When I do distance healing, is it effective to intend it to go to several people at once? Does each person receive the same or does it split the energy? CC 7.10.14

It doesn’t matter how many. The vibration of your Inner Being is flowing to their Inner Being, can have many hundreds of them. It doesn’t matter if one or a hundred, it’s not like the loaf of bread and the fishes! (not a true story) It’s not a problem, the energy is flowing to the Inner Being of all of them.

And is it effective to send the healing to the groups of people just for a short time? Does it need to be half an hour, or is 10 minutes also effective?

Energy always sustains. Like putting the coin in the purse, can put small, can put big. Always in the purse, it always helps.

Is it possible for me to intend to send healing when I’m doing something else, like when running, or do I need to sit and focus on it?

The running, this have the power of the repeating of a pattern. This makes it possible for the head to ‘sleep’. When the head is sleeping, then the monkey doesn’t make the pipe small. The monkey goes asleep when he is bored with the repeated pattern. He sleeps and the pipe can be big. It’s helpful to have always the repeating pattern, can have the running, can have the knitting, can have the make a picture, any repeating pattern. All work.

Robert Hughes channeling

Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides

 Do Ascended Masters and angels really exist? Who are  the Pleiadians and what are spirit guides? Robert answers from the spirit perspective


Angel statue 23 x 30cm watermarked

Angels and Ascended Masters

Are there beings like Ascended Masters and Angels in different environments and can we ask to connect to them or are we always just connecting to the Inner Being? (LGr 22.5.14 & SC 29.7.14)

All Inner Beings give knowing to their doll. These images are shown to Wooden Dolls by the Inner Being when there is a need to convey a particular message in that moment. They are images of beings who are known in this environment, who the monkey part of the brain is likely to respond to, and not be afraid of. The Inner Being might choose to show many different images at different times and the Inner Being will have to make a quick choice of which image to show that is likely to take away the fear of the monkey in that moment. Your Inner Being flows Level 1, his Inner Being flows Level 2 and his Inner Being flows Level 3 and so on. My own Inner Being gives knowing to me.

Now the Ascended Masters you speak of, they are mostly Level 2. Your Wooden Doll is able to flow your Inner Being and your Inner Being’s Inner Being. Everything you see in the moment flows from your apparatus to your Inner Being and also your Inner Being’s Inner Being experiences what you see and think in the moment. Always the knowing can flow from a Level 2 Inner Being to the Level 1 Inner Being then to your Wooden Doll, this is possible. Your Inner Being chooses how to show the flowing. If there is the flowing (of information) and no images, then you are not interested in it. So your Inner Being chooses to show it in your head as something different. He chooses the best way to show it to have your monkey seeing most of the flowing. He might show an angel or an ascended master, or a being from another planet. There are many options. He will choose what is comfortable for your monkey. It is important for the monkey to notice it, or else the flowing will not be listened to. What you call an Ascended Master is not a person, it is a Level 2 Inner Being. They always have the knowings of all Wooden Dolls in the environment here (earth). They can always choose, if wanted, to flow to a Wooden Doll (through its Inner Being). They don’t exist in a place of energy. Some lived on earth, not all, some were images in the head of the ones here. The Nazarene was here, he was a healer.

Is it appropriate to call on angels for help in healing? AS 8.7.14

When you call on angels, the Inner Being gives the answer, but sometimes shows itself with the ‘coat’ of the angel, for then your monkey is comfortable with what is given and notices it more, so this is why your Inner Being sometimes chooses to show its energy as an angel. As your pipe to your Inner Being grows, there will be less influence from images of angels, for the Inner Being will not have the need for an angel ‘coat’. It will be better able to give knowing to your head without needing to use the ‘coat’.

Are the angels coming close when I do Angelic Reiki? BD 1.7.14 & BH 22.7.14

What you are experiencing as ‘angels’ are Inner Beings of others who work in the Level 2 pools* for healing. There are many hundreds of Level 2 pools. Many hundreds of Level 2 Inner Beings are pouring their energy from their ‘buckets’ into your pools for healing. They have very fast Level 2 energy and can flow a small amount through your Level 1 Inner Being to your Wooden Doll. They are choosing to be in this healing pool. They are pouring their energy into the pool for your environment, the earth, for the healing of Wooden Dolls is possible now. As they are from Level 2 pools, you feel hot, you feel different, you may feel dizzy. In healing, you need bigger, stronger energy flowing through your pipe, so your head sees a guide and thinks ‘ah stronger, faster energy here’, then stronger, faster energy can flow through you to the healing client.

[*Note from Saesneggar: A pool is an energy collective. Many hundreds of consciousnesses (Inner Beings) have chosen to spend some small “drops” of their energy to further a shared interest. Robert explains that Inner Beings choose how they spend their limited energy in much the same way that humans choose to spend their limited time/money]

Spirit Guides

Carl Birch guide 2 watermarked smWhat are Spirit Guides? WM 24.6.14

These are images shown so that the Wooden Doll will trust what is shown and said by the Inner Being. These are shown when the Inner Being wants you to listen to important things from it. Most times Wooden Dolls don’t listen to their inner being, (but will pay attention to an image of a guide). The Inner Being can show itself in many ways, puts on a coat of anything it chooses. If the Wooden Doll has big believing in angels, the Inner Being chooses to show the coat of an angel. If the Wooden Doll has trusting of a Chinese doctor, it puts on the coat of a Chinese doctor. Sometimes an Inner Being will choose to show one of its own previous incarnations, one who played a big role in helping the growth of the Inner Being by its experiences, but not always. The Inner Being can choose to show anything, not only its own previous incarnations. It can show anything that is in your head that you have trusting of. Some trust a young child, others an old man or woman, or an angel. The Inner Being might choose to show a wise old spirit, one that it knows the Wooden Doll will trust.

Nothing can come to you other than through your Inner Being. It is the policeman on the door. Intuition comes from the Inner Being (and this can be shown via the form of a guide). Coincidences are not chance or luck, all is the thought-form and is from the Inner Being for you to trust. The Inner Being cannot make you do something, can only make you want something. Wooden dolls have many small choosings, all choices have a parallel universe.

When my friend does healing for me, where is the energy coming from? Sn 17.4.13

It is from her Inner Being, and the energy stream that flows through her for the healing, it is not another, she says guide, healing guide. It is not. There is only ever one and it is the Inner Being for all Wooden Dolls. Nobody can access the Wooden Doll, just the Inner Being. But the Inner Being has access in every moment to other Inner Beings so it can connect and it can transfer, to move from here to here to here from the Inner Being of another one to itself, to its doll.

So does it mean there are no spirit guides as we call them? There are not.

It’s probably most disappointing for a lot of people.

It should not be so. The doll should understand that its Inner Being knows it better than it knows itself, because the doll is a fragment of the Inner Being. Who would be a more appropriate person to guide you than an Inner Being? There is none.

Spirit Guide Drawings

What is happening when I do spirit guide drawings? Is it my Inner Being showing me or someone else working through the Inner Being CC 2.5.14, 27.5.14

It’s a way for the Inner Being of the person to communicate with their Wooden Doll. It’s a giftSiri sm watermarked from their Inner Being. The Inner Being of the one who is needing the art is wanting to send a picture to its Wooden Doll. The Wooden Doll of the person is not seeing it themselves, so the Inner Being it sends that picture to your Inner Being and then you see it in your head. It flows into the part of you that has the knowing for the drawing and you can build that picture into a physical ‘map’ that the apparatus of the person can see. Your Inner Being knows how the Inner Being of the person wants to be shown. It is not always what the person wants though. It may be that the Inner Being wants to show a different Wooden Doll (another incarnation), or show what they need to trust the emotions. It’s important for the human to trust the emotions (coming from the Inner Being). They need to look at the picture and focus on it and it will help them. It will convey a message from their Inner Being. The Inner Being will show what it chooses, but truth from the Inner Being might not be seen as truth by the Wooden Doll in that moment.

The flow is in your picture – the flow of their Inner Being wanting to speak to them. He flows in them, but they do not always choose to allow the influence of the Inner Being. But when they look at the picture, they open their eyes for their Inner Being to speak to them.


Are there such beings as Pleiadians (AS 8.7.14)

Pleiadian is the word you are familiar with to describe an experienced Inner Being who is not from this environment. The Pleiadian name is like a story to help the Wooden Dolls’ understanding, it is not a manifest thing or being. It is like a story to help with understanding of an idea, like I use the example of Wooden Dolls , that’s my ‘story’, the picture to illustrate something. The Pleaidian is the picture used to symbolise the healers.

[Note from Saesneggar: It is also possible sometimes for other beings with specific knowledge from a pool to communicate with a Wooden Doll when required, but the answers will always be received by the Wooden Doll from its own Inner Being who conveys the message.  Robert communicates with me through his Inner Being into my Inner Being, to me.  He used the “picture” of a big fire where everyone passes a bucket of water from one person to the next until they build a chain from the pool to the ‘fire’ (the Wooden Doll), the last one in the chain to you is always your own Inner Being.  He also explained that where there is a big difference in energy level (vibration amplitude and speed) then much of the ‘water’ can be lost ̶ it splashes on the ground as the next bucket arrives too soon to be dealt with by the slower one.]