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Soul Group & Soulmates

I would like to communicate with my relatives in Spirit. Sn 14.4.13

In your time the fastest way to do this is for you to slide into the state where your own Inner Being can drive you. Your Inner Being can communicate to you. When you’re speaking your Inner Being can bring forth your relatives. They are not of your Inner Being, not of what you would call your soul group. They are not. Your soul group has no relationship to your physical relations. Your soul group is the group of beings that your Inner Being has (manifested). Not the same as the physical friends and relatives that you have here. But your Inner Being will communicate to their Inner Being and bring them forth.

I did a life between life regression where we were put into a very deep hypnotic state to travel into the non-physical plane, the state of the soul where it’s not incarnated. I had some impressive experiences. When I came back through a former lifetime into the spirit world, the experiences I had was to meet my spirit guide and members of my soul group. Was this a memory or was this really happening? SN 14.4.2013

I can answer, I had this experience in my transition. Right. To go back to the Inner Being, you are the doll now, the physical, the doll today, now you are each moment, each breath you are the ‘puppet’ of your Inner Being. Now the Inner Being it has many, many hundreds of unique fragments that are controlled as the ‘puppets’ of this Inner Being. So when you, your physical consciousness is put into a rested state, it can have a small level of awareness of its communication with its Inner Being. So what it will see at this moment of communication with its Inner Being, is it sees the Inner Being. It meets the Inner Being as you will meet the Inner Being at your point of transition. So what you have called the soul group, it is a small part of the communication that your Inner Being was holding with other fragments of itself at the moment that you were seeing that part of your Inner Being.

Your soul group, it is a, I will explain it as a physical thing. Your Inner Being is big. This is the sphere of your Inner Being and underneath there are hundreds of fragments and they are all, from your point of view, they would always be now because we have no time. So when you were in the rested state to join for a moment with your Inner Being, you would see some communication going on with this one and this one and you see there would be communication with several of them that you would be in awareness with and you would call that your soul group. It is not. They are all just fragments of your Inner Being, as you are a fragment of you Inner Being. So the lives you have seen are moments of those fragments and the transition of a fragment back to its Inner Being, they are but moments within the same Inner Being that you have.

Are we born into the same soul group when incarnate in a different ‘coat’? WMG 24.6.14

The Inner Being has the choosing of what experience he is wanting. There are the choices of any place in your environment, if the Inner Being is Level 1. If the Inner Being is Level 2 he can choose a different environment, but the choices are for any location in the environment and also of any time in your environment when is most probable that the wanted experience will be had. The Inner Being cannot make the wanted experience happen, because the Wooden Doll has all the choosing. The Inner Being can only choose when to manifest a Wooden Doll and where, that is the choosing of Inner Being. All choosings from then on are from the Wooden Doll. You call it soul group, that’s what I call the cupboard where the coats are living.

Penguin-Couple-2-by-Merlin2525What are Soulmates? WMG 24.6.14

The Inner Being has many Wooden Dolls at the same time. Different pieces of the same Inner Being can know each other. Saesneggar knew another Wooden Doll from the same Inner Being for many years.

Do Inner Beings choose to have their Wooden Dolls interacting with each other over many lifetimes? If an Inner Being gets to know another Inner Being well, would they agree to have Wooden Dolls coming together because it makes it easier for them to influence each other in the wanted way? CC 13.8.14

This can happen. It is usually if the Inner Beings are in the same pool, then they have same wanting. They can have the wanting to have doings partly in the pool and partly in your environment. Now the Inner Being is not able to have doings in your environment. They have the wanting to influence their Wooden Doll for the influence of your environments. They are able to make their Wooden Doll like another Wooden Doll. So that happens sometimes? Often. When they are in pool where the pool has wanting of co-operation.

So if a person meets a new Wooden Doll for the first time and they feel some recognition, could it be that their Inner Beings know each other?

The energy of the Wooden Doll is of course the same energy as the Inner Being. The Inner Being has knowings (of the other). This is why the Wooden Doll also has knowings, it’s normal.

So is this why people sometimes feel others are of the same soul group because of the Inner Being connection?

This is always the case. Some might feel recognition like the other Wooden Doll is a brother or sister.

So it can feel that way if it’s just that the Inner Beings know each other?

The Inner Being plays with much of its energy in the pool, it has more knowings than Wooden Doll has knowings.






Past Lives & Karma

Do we choose our life before we come here? WM24.6.14

The Inner being has the experience of each wooden doll. When the energy has re-emerged into the inner being (after transition), the ‘coat’ is in the cupboard, it does not come back. The Inner Being will have many other wooden dolls. It’s not reincarnation and karma, that is not the truth. When the Inner Being wants to manifest a Wooden Doll, the Inner Being wants an experience so it chooses where it is most likely to have the wanted experience. It chooses the time and place and parents, hoping for certain experiences, but it has no choosings (while the doll is incarnate). The Inner Being sends emotions to the Wooden Doll, but the Wooden Doll has the choosing. My Inner Being wanted to have the experience of being a soldier. I could have chosen not to be a soldier (Robert was in a reserved occupation). Nothing is written, you have the choosing.

Does memory of other lives influence this life? BH 22.7.14

This is important. The Inner Being has many hundreds of Wooden Dolls in your environment. Each of the Wooden Dolls has the doings and knowings. The Inner Being also has the knowings and doings of the Wooden Doll. He is learning with each of the Wooden Dolls. Like you when you were a baby, and when you grow bigger you have more learning. That shapes your head, shapes your thinking from your experiences. That’s the same for your Inner Being, for all the Wooden Dolls that he has the knowings from, he has learning from them and there is also the learning of you as the Wooden Doll, learning by you and by the Inner Being, of you both. It has the colour of the experience, the knowings and doings of all the Inner Beings and all the Wooden Dolls they have knowledge from. All this shapes the Inner Being in the moment. They are all important.

Are there past lives? WM 24.6.14

There are only the ‘coats’ of previous incarnations in the ‘cupboard’ of the Inner Being after they have transitioned. All the thought-forms of every Wooden Doll will always be in the Inner Being. Thought-form energy will never not exist. The Inner Being will always be, but not always in the same form. Energy builds with each incarnation, some incarnations build much energy, some build small, but all are building and shaping the Inner Being by their experiences. The Inner Being is always becoming – it is never done. With big energy the Inner Being can do more – it can sustain more Wooden Dolls and can spend energy like you spend money. Inner Beings get more energy by having Wooden Dolls. We spend a small amount of energy to flow into a Wooden Doll to sustain it. We have the energy of the thought-forms flowing from the Wooden Dolls to the Inner Being. After transition, coats can choose to always be together if they want. Nobody has to see other coats they don’t want to see.

Is there ever any need for clearing past lives of other Wooden Dolls of our Inner Being, or is there nothing there to clear? CC 8.7.14

That is not possible, the Inner Being has all the knowings of all the thoughts and all of the experiences of the Wooden Dolls. Now the Inner Being can choose to show these to a new Wooden Doll or not to show them. Most do not show (previous incarnations), but when the Inner Being chooses to show one it can. The Inner Being flows that down the pipe.

When Wooden Dolls have past life regressions, are they ever shown past lives from their Inner Being? CC 29.7 14

Can have, no problem. The Inner Being may choose to show any coat, but the Inner Being, ha, is also able and sometimes chooses to show something else (not one of its previous incarnations), it can show any it chooses.

Do Inner Beings ever choose to have a new Wooden Doll in the same ancestral line?

They can do, can choose it, but there is no purpose, there is not the wanting of the physical (influence). The physical has only small influence compared to the influence of the Inner Being in the doll.

I decided to clear my ancestral line of unpleasant characteristics, how am I doing in that? AM 19.8.14

This is not possible. The unwanted (characteristics) are in balance of the wanted ones. There is no problem, it is needed. It is more important for you to focus your thinking on the wanted, not the unwanted. This is important for you – not to have big thinking, and build momentum on thoughts about unwanted things, creating thought-forms about unwanted things. Now the thought-form energy will always be. It will have being long after you have transitioned (passed away) back to your Inner Being. The thought form doesn’t go, it’s always here, so be careful to choose to focus your thinking on what is wanted. Always make momentum by thinking about what excites you, the passion, the wanted. When you are building momentum, choose to build this, then you will have thought-forms building what is wanted. That wanted thought-form will still have being when you no longer have being. Then you will leave behind in this environment more wanted, positive thought-forms than negative, unwanted thought-forms. You will have contributed to raising the vibration of the environment, by leaving behind more faster energy; this is important for you.


Karma: I believe that at the end of each lifetime there is no karma, that it is all dealt with in one lifetime? AS 24.6.14

Karma is not the truth. The Inner Being always has been, always will be, but the Wooden Doll has one time, one environment, it is not born many times. There is no conversation with the Inner Being on transition, the Inner Being (already has experienced) all of the life of the Wooden Doll as it happens, it has the knowings as you have knowings. Nothing is passed from you to a new Wooden Doll, but all your experiences remain in the Inner Being; the experiences of all Wooden Dolls are in the Inner Being.