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Healing 2 – Different Modalities

  • Different Modalities
  • NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
  • Crystals

Different Modalities: Is there any form of energy healing that is more effective than others, or is it mostly down to the size of the pipe of the practitioner and of the recipient, or is it their readiness to change? CC 7.10.14

Mmm, this is not easy to answer, this is all (of them). Now the healer needs to have a big enough pipe for the fast vibration of his Inner Being. This is one need, but there is also a need to be able to flow fast energy from the Inner Being of the patient to the Wooden Doll of the patient. This is not always possible.

So are some forms of healing more effective than others?

They have different flowing. Now, what works with one doll, doesn’t work with another doll. The pipe of the doll and the speed of the vibration of the doll can be a problem. Cannot always have the flowing. Also, with the same doll, they can have a big pipe, then have a small pipe when they have much of the ‘urgh’ (unhappy and negative). So the healing is able to work on them sometimes, then not able to work on them (another time).

Do all the forms of healing I do speed up the repair using the DNA fingerprint?

No. Only when this is needed. Most have the offer of the fast vibration for the flow of app. Then apparatus have the able of the regenerate of self. All apparatus have able of such, but have need of fast energy for this.

So it’s mostly that it’s bringing fast energy, and it’s also re-balancing the meridians?

This is so. For then the apparatus is able to use the energy. Cannot have this when there is not the flowing of the meridians. Like your cars, you have a fast car, but when have a broken road, you cannot have the flowing. It’s the same with energy.

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming): Is NLP more effective than the energy healing? AS 24.6.14

Yes this is a teaching for the monkey. In the Wooden Doll biggest problem is the monkey squawking. Your teachings help make the monkey comfortable and sleep. Then the Wooden Doll can be happy and like itself. When the monkey squawks it has fear and the feeling of not being good enough.

Is energy healing enough on its own to heal someone? AS 24.6.14

What the healing does is open the pipe for more energy into the apparatus, it helps big, but only in that moment while you have pipe open. When you are gone, the pipe may go to small once more. When the Wooden Doll is not happy, the pipe goes small. NLP make the patients happy and the pipe bigger all the time then more fast energy (can flow) from the Inner Being to the WD, not only when you’re there. NLP combined with energy healing is the combination that is important for both – to heal the head and the body.

Crystals: Do crystals help people to heal? AS 24.6.14

Not always. Some are useful to make the vibration faster, so if the Wooden Doll has a small pipe and a slow vibration, then a crystal can help in the moment while the crystal is there. But when the person goes home he doesn’t have the crystal and the pipe is small once more.