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Is the Inner Being omnipresent? (JP gr 22.5.14)

The Inner Being is always. A small piece of the energy of the Inner Being goes into the Wooden Doll, all energy is in your Inner Being, it always knows all moments of the Wooden Doll. Like the man Robert Hughes is no more, but I (his Inner Being) have all Robert’s knowings. Your Inner Being has the knowings of all your moments. And the Inner Being of your Inner Being has the knowings. When you have no more knowings (after your death), your Inner Being will always have your knowings. All knowings are thought-forms, energy, and can never cease to exist, all energy will always be.

Always growing, all new thought-forms can never not be. I laugh about how the Wooden Dolls think. They think they do something – Saesneggar digs a hole and plants a tree, and thinksThat is real. When many moments have passed, when I am no longer here, the tree will be here.’ But when Saesneggar has the thought-form, it is bigger than the tree and the thought-form will always be. What it is in the head is more important than what is done with the hands.

When you are asking a question Robert, who is it you are asking, is it what we know on earth as the Akashic Records? (BD 1.7.14)

There is no such thing (as Akashic Records). The Inner Being knows in each moment what you are thinking and everything you do; it knows what you are doing, tasting, all. It has the experience the same as you do. When you, the Wooden Doll, have  transition (death), the Inner Being does not transition. The Inner Being still has all the knowings of you. Like you have the knowings of when you were a baby. Some you remember, some you don’t, but it’s all in the Inner Being. The Inner Being has all the knowings and can easily bring forward the memory. I have previously used a picture for Saesneggar, I gave her the image of the coats in the cupboard. Now the Inner Being has all of you flowing in it, but some parts of you that are not needed, will be put as a coat in the cupboard. It’s not gone, the Inner Being can bring the coat from the cupboard when it chooses. Like I am now showing the coat of Robert. You are not talking with Robert, Robert is not here now, Robert has been gone for 100 years. I am of course the Inner Being wearing the coat of Robert. I have many hundreds of coats I can put on, but Saesneggar is comfortable with the Robert coat. 

oldbookNow, it’s important for you to know that all that you know in your heart: your music, your thinking, your science, all these were the knowings of Wooden Dolls in your environment, all that ever lived, and the knowings are now within the Inner Beings of those Wooden Dolls. All Inner Beings talk, like you talk; not with the mouth, but they have the knowings of each other. They can ask. They have the pools (for specific interests). That is how all knowings are stored; you call it Akashic Records, like you understand the image of a book. It’s not a book. It’s the knowings of the Inner Beings, who are living like you are living. The energy of the Inner Being is always flowing, always will flow, always have the knowings, you can ask any question. Saesneggar was wondering how Robert could talk about the big science, the quantum string [in a previous session with a quantum physicist]. I don’t know the information as the Robert coat, but I can access the knowings of those Inner Beings who have Wooden Dolls at this moment who are working with this [quantum physics] and have knowings of this. And I speaki words from them, from the Inner Beings. That is how I can answer the questions on such things.

So the term Akashic Records was coined by Edgar Cayce so that we could understand?

Many use the pictures [ie use images to help explain], like me with the image of the coat. It’s a way to explain. It hard to explain the knowledge of all. For the knowings of many Wooden Dolls are not right. They don’t understand the Inner Beings. They think, ‘when I transition [pass away] then the memory of my life is sent from my apparatus to a guide or such. This is not so, it is always only the Inner Being, but it is not sent only at the time of transition, but knowing from the Wooden Doll is sent to the Inner Being in all moments. This is how in your book, the bible of the Nazarene, it says that God is all-knowing, all knowings in all moments. This is what it’s trying to explain.

So it’s the God that’s within us?

This is the Inner Being, this is what you are calling the God, the Buddha, the Nanek, it’s all same, it’s the Inner Being.

I was going to ask, is Jesus the son of God?

They all, you are, ha. All, there is no other. You call it God, I don’t call it God. I have the Inner Being and the Inner Being has the Inner Being and that has the Inner Being and that has the Inner Being. All different speed of energy from the experience of each one. All one energy, that we are all knowings of the others. There is only one energy. I do not call it God for many have other knowings of a God that are not the truth.

How do you see the Wooden Dolls? Do you see us as a full body, do you see us as spirit lights, are you with us in very intimate moments? This is something which affects everybody, we want to know are you with us all the time and see everything that we are doing behind closed doors? Sn 16.4.13

To explain it. [Speaking as the Inner Being of Robert] When the thoughts of my Wooden Dolls, I would have that thought every moment and I can choose to see, not how you would see, but I can have a knowing of the physical of that doll when I choose to. I would always, every moment. I have to have the thought of all of my Wooden Dolls so that I can give my doll the emotion that is appropriate to help that doll. Well you are here, you are where you should be thinking ‘mmm’ (happy thoughts) or you are here in thought thinking ‘urgh’ (unhappy thoughts). This is not where you should be in your thinking, so I would know every thought that my Wooden Dolls have and every instant I know their thought and I send the appropriate emotion to tell them that you are ‘mmm’ or ‘urgh’, but I could choose to have the seeing through the physical doll as you would say. It will take more of my energy and I can choose to do this when I want to because my doll is very ‘mmm’ (happy) and I feel that, but the thought is not always enough for me to judge the emotion that I want to give the Wooden Doll. So for that moment I would choose to have more of the knowing, so that if I am unsure how strong the emotion is, how much physical chemical do I need for my Wooden Doll now, I would pour more of my energy from my bucket to the physical doll to pull more knowing of that doll for that moment. So I can judge.

[Note from Saesneggar: Robert uses the terms ‘mmm’ or ‘aaah’ to indicate the Wooden Doll having positive, happy emotions and ‘urgh’ or ‘blurgh’ to indicate having negative, unhappy emotions.]

If I understand correctly it means normally you are connected by thought with your Wooden Dolls but sometimes it is necessary to gain more insight to have more info then you can really have a look, open the curtain completely.

That is correct. One, there is the thought that I would always have, and some moments I would choose to pour more energy to get more knowledge of that doll. But also that doll can, when it chooses, it can have the thought to ask me, the Inner Being, it does not always know of this. The Saesneggar does know to ask now and would now ask the Inner Being many times to put more energy.

Robert Hughes channeling

Creation – Clock Analogy

Is there one God? WM 24.6.14


There is one energy, there is no ‘God’. I talk of the levels of the Inner Beings. Those with faster, stronger energy are the higher Inner Beings, but they are not better than the lower Inner Beings. There is one energy, I use the image of a transparent clock to explain. In the clock, you can see all the workings inside. Some pieces are small and spin very fast, they are like Level 5 Inner Beings, very fast. Some are big and slow, like on earth. They are particle, not wave*, the pieces are very heavy, very slow; but the clock cannot work if one piece is broken. The fast spinning and the slow spinning are all needed. All bring the experience to all the Inner Beings – all growing, all becomings of all environments. They are all needed, all equally important. The greatest importance is for diversity – that is what is needed from the thought-forms and the energy of the animals and the Wooden Dolls and the environments of earth and all other places. We have need of all. When you want to think of God, think of the transparent clock and all the pieces spinning, no one more needed than another one. All is good. If one piece is broken then all is broken. The thoughts and actions of each of us affects many around us, both seen and unseen by us, though they are always seen by our Inner Beings.

If all beings are like parts of a clock, were all parts created at same time? CC 27.4.14

No, there are many hundreds and hundreds of parts of the clock. They are all growing and when they grow it’s like when I explain that your pipe to your Inner Being grows in steps. It flows then it has a step to a bigger energy. It’s not smooth, it’s the same for all, (also the growth and expansion of Inner Beings), it’s not smooth. It grows a step and then grows another step and another step and at one point the Inner Beings have energy that is very big for their environment, and they can take a bigger step into the environment of the next level.

And then eventually will they step into a different clock?

There is only one clock. They step between one cog of the clock and then they step into the next cog. The cogs are all growing.

And new parts of the clock are being created all the time?

From the Wooden Dolls, like I have created when I was Level 1, I was the Inner Being of many Wooden Dolls. I created them, well no, that’s not exactly true. At Level 1 I constructed, it’s the Level 2 beings who create the materials that I needed for the Wooden Dolls. At Level 1 I can construct from the thought-form. I cannot create. That’s why I have difficulty now because I am Level 2, much of the energy of me is learning now how to create some small simple things, very simple and I mostly don’t get it right now. I have help from other beings. I can construct from others’ matter, I cannot create yet, but I have big wanting for more of that. This is why I have a very small number of Wooden Dolls now, for a lot of my energy is used in pools for learning with others how to create and the Level 3 beings are helping.

Are what we call ETs part of the clock?

ET is a name used by Wooden Dolls of this environment. The clock has many hundreds of pieces, all working with the next piece. If one piece doesn’t work, then the whole thing doesn’t work. The energy of Levels 1 to 5 etc are all pieces of the clock, all work with the piece next to it, but cannot work with piece too different from it. Your Wooden Dolls only know of earth. There are also many other environments in your earth they have no knowings of. They are in the now and the earth, but they are also one more piece of the clock. Millions of pieces of the clock are in other ‘earths’. Others are in environments that are not physical. Level 2 environments do not ever manifest physical. Level 3 and other bigger pieces of the clock than Level 2, their energy is very fast.

[* Note from Saesneggar: Light is both wave and particle. You can never see light being both at the same time though. The particles that make up matter can be considered to be condensed light, and individual electrons in atoms will emit light when stimulated. Light has also been shown to act as either a particle or a wave depending on what the observer expects to see. If light is shone through a double slit, it can be observed as particles, or as an interference pattern, indicating it is of a wavelike nature. Similarly, electrons passed through a double slit will also show up as particles or show interference as if they are behaving like waves. So, light can act like matter and matter can act like light.

Physical beings, like humans, are particle, not wave. Inner Beings do not have a physical form, and so are not condensed into particles, but just exist as waves.]