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INNER BEING 3 – Communications

I would like to communicate with my relatives in Spirit. Sn 14.4.13

In your time the fastest way to do this is for you to slide into the state where your own Inner Being can drive you. I can help that for the first part, but I am not necessary for your Inner Being is Level 1 as I am. Your Inner Being can communicate to you. (Robert’s Inner Being subsequently moved to Level 2)

When you’re speaking your Inner Being can bring forth your relatives. They are not of your Inner Being, not of what you would call your soul group. They are not. Your soul group has no relationship to your physical relations. Your soul group is the group of beings that your Inner Being has (manifested). Not the same as the physical friends and relatives that you have here. But your Inner Being will communicate to their Inner Being and bring them forth.

Do people who do mediumistic work have special capabilities to do the communication or does every person have it? Sn 14.4.2013

Each time the consciousness evolves as the monkey evolved to the man, each consciousness evolves also. Now go back, back into your time, the monkey, still today would do this, back to the time they communicate from the pool through the Level 1 Inner Being to the piece of being that is here. They do that every moment of life as a physical – it is guided very much, (there is a) very, very strong push from the Inner Being. Now as the monkey became the man and as the man became the creator and shaper man, less influence is now possible with the Inner Being, so at that time this became stronger. There is more need to communicate at the level of the environment so the speaking became the dominant form of control and of the mind, so the mind had a larger influence on the being. They are physical, this piece of the being, however the Inner Being is still there and it is still trying to control every moment it could influence, especially the feel of the being. In the sleeping, the Inner Being is always in control.

There is no knowledge, there is no influence and control of the speaking in that state. That is the natural state where the Inner Being would control, so for question then, every physical piece of being will always have the communication with its Inner Being. Therefore, every physical piece, unique piece will always communicate, but because that being it is not aware in its waking times of the flow that comes to it. It thinks always of its control and it thinks even that its emotions are coming from it. Every single emotion does not come from here, it is from your Inner Being. Every emotion every moment in here is from the Inner Being, so yes every living person from the baby up to the old. Well the baby would communicate very easily with the Inner Being. small children always they do this, it’s as the language develops that the conscious control of the being has to become stronger for that being to develop in this environment. Therefore the Inner Being will control and use the emotion that will allow more of a perception with the being that the being is always thinking and speaking of itself. It is a perception. The perception is not the reality because the reality is that all is from the Inner Being.

But how are we more able to receive this communication? Is it that we have different access to our Inner Being?

It is not so, it is just that you have decided that you will communicate in a mind way.

Those souls in the spirit world, if they can give us a real physical sensation like someone is touching us with a full hand, it takes them lots and lots of energy right? Sn 20.4.13

You would understand that it is only the Inner Being that can do this. So when I have my focus to Saesneggar under the foot, I will do this with the Inner Being. So it is the Inner Being that will give Saesneggar a sense in the mind that there is a thing walking on the foot. I cannot do this. It is only the Inner Being that can have the communication with the doll. The other Inner Beings we communicate every moment, our whole self with our own Inner Being and it is very easy for us to communicate, but it is not the mouth you understand. We would tell the Inner Being that we want to focus this energy and we want it to be and how we want it to move. Saesneggar’s Inner Being it can give the physical, the touch you call the physical, yes.

Are my family in spirit all part of my Inner Being? BD 1.7.14

No, they are part of other Inner Beings. But the Inner Beings are all one energy. The Inner Beings have talking like you have talking here with other Wooden Dolls. We have more talking and doings with other Inner Beings. You have the knowing ‘I am this, I look in the mirror, I know me. I have choosing of my doings as me’. After transition when you are in the Inner Being, you can see that the Inner Being does not have the apparatus (body), the Inner Being has energy. The energy has, in the same way as water, big pools and smaller pools and the Inner Being can take its energy like you take your money, and it fills its bucket. And it pours some of its bucket to the Wooden Dolls to sustain them and it pours some into other pools. Now the pools are for doing different things [different focus, such as healing or communication]. The Inner Being chooses what it wants. But the pools are not done as me – the ‘I am’. The pools are done as many. Many hundreds of Inner Beings all pour their energy into these pools and they have their doings together. This is how we do most things. We have more, not needing the mouth for talking. We have the thinking of the energy for this Wooden Doll part in a pool to talk to this other Wooden Doll part in the pool. We have very fast communication. The mouth, the growings of the words they happen, then this communication is thought of as being important by the Monkey. Not so, this is slow – not good communication with the mouth. It will not always be so. The apparatus (body) also has (the possibility) of the communication by the thinking. It does not have the knowings of it, but it’s there. The beasts have this. They use this more. They do not use the mouth much, mostly the head.


Robert Hughes channeling

Orbs or Spirit Lights

Heather pink orb 02I’ve heard contradictory opinion about orbs or spirit lights. You just proved to me with my camera that I can take a picture of what I can sense with my eyes just before I take the picture. Can you explain? (Sn 14.4.13)

We have spoken of the environment here and that there are many parallel (environments), many in your environment that have the senses, the equipment in your physical to see. You would see them. Now as well as those that you would see as the physical you, there are many, many more who you cannot see and there are in this environment – they are with you every moment that you have been here and will be here every moment after you have been here. They share the physical environment and your physical environment is only one small part of the wider environment that is not planets as you would say it. So at each of those levels, the energy is poured into activities that the entity would want to take part in. Now those activities, they would happen for you on the same environment that your senses can see, but although they are in that environment, you do not have the senses much to see, so you can occasionally – you could pick a glimpse of those. In your small childhood you would have seen more.

I think I saw more in my childhood

You would, all would. We (Inner Beings) are able sometimes to shift our energy from our level into a level below, as I am now (when speaking in trance), but we would also pour a small part of our energy into your environment at your level, into a part of your environment that you do not have the senses to pick and see and smell and taste. But some of your contraptions can have that frequency to sense.

So this is not a reflection in the lenses when we are taking the picture, but this is something real from the spirit world, a real phenomenon?

When a unique entity makes a deliberate piece of its energy down into your environment to vibrate at the frequency of your equipment, that is a deliberate intention to do that, but that equipment Heather orb IMG_0121would not always be sensing that energy, that equipment would also be sensing the things in the environment that the equipment is conceived to observe. So, as I explain, you, if you were to imagine yourself as a piece of equipment, right now most of your observation is of the physical environment that you were conceived to observe. And occasionally, like now, you would observe something from the environment next to this, which is me. Now the contraption is just the same. It has been conceived to observe things in its environment and that is most of the time what it will observe, and occasionally it will observe something of the environment next to it like you are now observing me or sensing me, hearing me, not seeing me as I do not look at all like Saesneggar!

When I was looking into the sky, I saw many tiny little lights, pacing at a very high speed through the air. Is this spirit light that I see when I’m looking into the air with open eyes? Also when I’m in an airplane and I’m looking into the clouds  and when I’m looking in bright sunshine into the sky, I can see many tiny little lights at very high speed and moving in every direction

And do you feel these lights? Do you feel an energy from them, a personality, a communication from these lights?

Actually I realised that I was seeing them and I told a friend and in the moment when I set up the intent to tell the friend, I saw another big white light just moving from my eyesight and then I thought it must be spirit because it was a direct response to my thought.

That could be. It could be spirit because there are many spirits around you all the time, the spirits which would be the Level 1, like I am now, and we are in the same environment, we do not have the heaven and hell, you understand. We are here but most of the time. We would not choose to show ourselves to a Wooden Doll because that would take a lot of our energy that we would need to call in from other activities. It is possible that we do show ourselves, but it takes so much energy that we would usually do this with a very deliberate reason. I will ask your Inner Being what you saw. The lights you saw today are of a chemical type of image that it is seen within the eye, not outside, but you look at the sky so it would appear in the sky but it is a chemical in the senses. It is the word that I used before, the neuron within the eye that would produce it. But your Inner Being is very aware that you do very much see spirit around you. There are those who have the love with you (in spirit). They summon their energy to them that they can show to you and this is many moments in each day that you would be seeing them. And they do this as they know through your Inner Being that you do see them and you value them, so they will continue to pull some of their energy to show to you that they are still interested in you.


Heather orb IMG_5316Most of the time I see white light, sometimes creamy, many times blue, rarely red or orange, bigger and smaller ones. Can you explain the differences?

I can. The white light is a very new energy so it would be of a, not just in transition because it would not have the energy enough to show to a Wooden Doll, but it would be new through the transition and into the Level 1, so a new Level 1, a fresh Level 1 yes. The cream is more normal so that would be like myself when you see me. I do show myself sometimes for the Saesneggar and the contraption. Saesneggar has photos with me. Because I know when the photo is to be made, so I can appear ready because the photo, the contraption for the photo works very fast so I do not need a lot of energy, I can just appear for that instant.


Before you talked about the spirit lights and you said the white light would be someone who is new  (Sn 17.4.13)

I did not speak of the blue light. The blue light it is true. It is what you would say is the Level 2, that is always the blue. The energy of the Level 1 and the energy of the Level 2 is different. The energy of the 2 is very fast and strong. If it is next to the Level 1, you would see that it is fast and strong. The Level 1 energy is very fast and strong when next to the Wooden Doll so at each transition the energy will in many moments, small pieces of the energy will be given more speed and more power and in many many many moments more energy would be at Level 2 than is at Level 1 and after more moments all of the energy of that Inner Being is now in Level 2 and none remains in Level 1, so that is then the transition or death from Level 1 to Level 2. It would seem as a death because there is nothing left at Level 1 where once it was.

What is the red or the orange light?Heather house orbs 038

I do not know. It is not of an energy. There is blue at 2 and then there is a full heavy purple Level 3, it is the heavy purple and then the 4 that is the faster stronger lighter purple

So the darker purple is Level 3 and the lighter purple is Level 4?

It is so. Are there more colours then? There are 2 colours more. There is a heavy dark gold, there is the heavy slower of the gold and then the light, very very very fast gold. But you will not see those energies in your environment, it is not possible. I am also in our environment and more of my energy is at Level 2 than Level 1 and I am in this environment and I cannot see the gold.

OK and what levels would they be?

The heavy gold is at the 5 and the light gold that is at the 6. But you would not see those energies at this (level of environment). You would start to have awareness of those energies when you are at Level 4.

Can you explain, when I started to see spirit lights I first saw white, then had some blue but now I always have more blue lights coming.

This is happy. There would always be more of the Level 1 Inner Beings in this environment than there would be the Level 2. For the Level 1 must pull much of their energy to receive the thoughts of their Wooden Dolls in this environment and to send the emotion to their Wooden Doll so the white lights you will see many because each doll in your environment will have its Inner Being close by. That is close by as an energy, it is not close by in this (environment), for if I look at Robert’s Inner Being, I have many Wooden Dolls in many environments, I would not be next to all of them. I have some energy for each doll. Some smaller energy for some doll, some bigger energy for some doll in some moments. The blue energy, the blue Inner Being, they would not be in the environment of the Wooden Doll, for reading the thoughts of the Wooden Doll and sending emotion to the Wooden Doll. They do not have a Wooden Doll here.

But me, I am an Inner Being of dolls and I have an Inner Being. This Inner Being is blue and when I am in communication, it is more known to me at Level 1 when I communicate with my Inner Being. The Wooden Doll does not know when it communicates with its Inner Being for many moments. But at Level 1 the communication with the Inner Being is greater. So at Level 1 the Inner Being can pull some energy from its Inner Being, which is the blue, to be shown to the doll and this will happen for many moments and it may do this pull to draw more energy (from its higher level Inner Being) for the Wooden Doll than the Level 1 can (itself). So it can be of value when the Wooden Doll is hurt. It will pull big energy. And also when the Wooden Doll is hurt here in the thoughts, then the Inner Being of the hurt will pull more energy from the next level and you would have the blue this day [ie be likely to see the blue orb].