Robert Hughes Channelling

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7. Thought-forms & responsibility

  • Humans have free will and we are completely responsible for our own lives. We are not the puppet of our Inner Being and we should not abdicate responsibility for our own lives. Our Inner Being sends energy to sustain us throughout each moment of our lives. It can send emotions to try to influence our choices (Robert says usually unsuccessfully), but it has absolutely no control over us


  • We are aware of our deliberate choices, but we like to use words like luck, coincidence, synchronicity for everything else. Robert says there is no such thing as luck, only attraction
  • Robert explains that as we repeat a thought it gathers momentum (energy). Thoughts with sufficient momentum manifest a thought-form
  • Attraction responds to thought-forms, bringing into our “now” that version of the millions of possible parallel realities that is the closest match to the vibration of our current thought-form. Robert stresses that attraction is vibration-specific not subject-specific e.g. we may feel happy about 5 things now, but we often choose to focus our attention on the 1 thing that we fear. The negative thought-form that we have created from worrying about this 1 thing becomes our dominant vibration and will attract feared things for the 5 areas that we were previously happy about as well as the 1 thing that we feared
  • Robert insists that we can exert far more control over attraction than we currently believe. He says that we should take more care over our emotions to choose to deliberately spend more time focusing on things that make us feel good (he says always try to choose “aah” not “aargh”) then we will attract more of what will make us feel good. On a personal note I have found this to be surprisingly effective!