Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

8. Life Purpose

  • poemRobert likes this short poem, he says that it explains the human as a projection of the Inner Being’s consciousness into a temporary physical form
  • We have many experiences during our lives, these shape our personality. Our Inner Being experiences all aspects of the lives of its humans, these experiences are a big part of its learning and development
  • Experienced Inner Beings can sustain many humans at once. They usually choose to manifest across a wide range of geographical and social/economic conditions to have the best probability of a wide variety of experiences. Probability, because the actual experiences are driven by human choices, not the Inner Beings
  • The Inner Being is energy, it has always existed and will always exist. We (humans) are a temporary physical projection of our Inner Being. After our transition (death) the Inner Being retains the “energy memory” of all that we have ever experienced. Robert uses the analogy of a “coat” that is kept safely in the cupboard, the Inner Being can choose to wear the coat at any point to project itself as its former Wooden Doll
  • Your Inner Being has chosen to manifest into a particular place and time, but your life plan is not written; you determine your life as you live it. Robert says that the life purpose of a human has two aspects:
  1. To use its free will and judgement to deliberately attract what it chooses in each moment, such that it experiences life, with all of its joys, frustrations and fears. All experiences (achievements and failures) enrich the Inner Being and in consequence enrich its Inner Being and its Inner Being etc; therefore all experiences contribute to the ongoing evolution of consciousness. Robert stresses that consciousness is, and will always be, evolving   ̶ “ever becoming, never done”
  2. To influence our physical environment (Earth) and the beings (humans/animals) which share it with us