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3. Levels of Energy

  • The LEVELs are just a man-made naming convention (devised during discussions between Robert and Saesneggar) to help Robert to denote the speed of vibration of a consciousness at a point in time
  • 36508_MalvernThe more experience a consciousness has, the faster its vibration. However Robert explains that levels are like the cogs in my clock; some spin fast, some slow, but all must spin for the clock to work. i.e. Inner Beings are no more important than Humans, we influence our physical environment (Earth), they influence pools
  • The diagram below is a simplification, in reality the vibrations of the levels overlap considerably and when an Inner Being reaches the vibration of the next level it is a matter of choice to stay at its current level or move up to the next. It can straddle two levels temporarily, but once it has moved up it cannot return
  • Consciousnesses of the same level communicate easily, e.g. you with me, my Inner Being with your Inner Being. But there is no awareness of a consciousness that is more than one level from its own vibration because the difference in speed of vibration is too great for one to perceive the other

Robert does not know how many levels of energy there are in total –  he is L2 and can “channel” L3.

LEVEL 4: Inner Being of L3 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L3)Doll levels cropped

LEVEL 3: Inner Being of L2 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L2)

LEVEL 2: Inner Being of L1 Inner Being (ENERGY faster vibration than L1)

LEVEL 1: Inner Being of human (ENERGY not physical form)

LEVEL 0: Human: Has physical form, mass (ENERGY particle, manifested)