Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

6. Humans, free will & attraction

  • The Inner Being has no control over its human, it is not a puppeteer. The human makes all of its own choices in life. The Inner Being can use the energy flowing from itself to trigger emotions and brief thoughts in its human. These are our Inner Beings attempts to influence us, but we can (and usually do) choose to ignore these
  • Robert tells us that our life plan was not written before our birth. Our Inner Being chose the circumstances in which to manifest a human in order to have the highest probability of experiencing what the Inner Being would want to experience. However as soon as we are manifested we have our own consciousness (free will) and we create our own future based on two things:

1.  Our conscious decisions in life, eg choice of partner

2.  Our vibration in each moment

  • How does our vibration create our future? Robert explained this by reference to the Multiverse, a hypothesis currently debated within the physics community. It says that many possible versions of reality exist; Robert says that moment by moment, our vibration attracts (like a magnet) that version of reality that best matches our current vibration

LoA Pic

  • I struggled to understand this concept, so Robert explained again using the analogy that I am driving my car (living my now) along a section of road that matches my vibration. A change in my vibration causes my car to switch to a different road  ̶  to happy (fast vibration) or sad (slow) or one of a million shades of grey in between (possible universes). My life experience is attracted, section by section, in each moment as I go through life

roads (2)

  • Robert insists that nobody can tell your future, not even your Inner Being. Humans can imagine a future based on past experiences. Your Inner Being can see a small distance in your headlights, based on probability & your current vibration, but your Inner Being cannot influence your vibration to switch roads, only you can do this