Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

2. Human Beings & Inner Beings

During each moment of the life of a human, the Inner Being sends a small flow of its own energy (we can call it our life force) into its Wooden Doll in order to sustain it. This energy flows back from the Wooden Doll into its Inner Being in a cyclic flow each moment of life. I think of this like an energy umbilical cord flowing between two consciousnesses, Robert calls this a “pipe”

Doll flow

  • Due to this cyclic energy flow, the Inner Being is totally aware in each moment of all aspects of its human – its state of health, what it is thinking, what its senses perceive (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch)
  • Each physical human knows itself as a unique consciousness. But in each moment of our lives, full awareness of our consciousness flows back to the one source via the chain of Inner Beings. Consciousness is a ‘system’ of billions of linked parts (you, your Inner Being, me, my Inner Being, its Inner Being etc). Each has its own experiences, but all experiences flow to drive the growth and development of the whole
  • The human has the slowest vibration (physical), we can do few things at once. Inner Beings have faster vibration, their consciousness can take part in more activities at once (Robert uses the term “pools”)
  • A pool is an energy collective. Many hundreds of consciousnesses (Inner Beings) have chosen to spend some small “drops” of their energy to further a shared interest. Robert explains that Inner Beings choose how they spend their limited energy in much the same way that humans choose to spend their limited time/money
  • Humans operate mostly as individuals. Yes, we cooperate to achieve things jointly, but we are very aware of our individuality/ego. By contrast, Inner Beings operate mostly in pools. An experienced Inner Being may choose to invest its energy into tens, or even hundreds, of pools in parallel. It develops from its experiences in pools and it has a weaker sense of individuality/ego than we humans

Recording of Robert describing the relationship between Inner Beings and Wooden Dolls: