Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

1. Consciousness is One Energy

Robert often uses everyday objects to help people to understand complex concepts, in this case he chose a set of Russian Dolls standing on a nearby cabinet.

WDs with arrows cropped

  • In his analogy I am the smallest Wooden Doll on the right, the human being
  • Robert refers to the consciousness that manifested the Wooden Doll as its Inner Being, an energy consciousness that has no form
  • Throughout my life, my Inner Being chooses to project a small portion of itself into the physical environment that we call Earth
  • Robert always calls humans ‘Wooden Dolls’, he refers to Inner Beings by their Level (see Theme 4 to understand levels)
  • All Inner Beings are waveforms. Particle/wave duality operates such that the projected energy from my Inner Being is perceived as particle in our physical environment i.e. it manifests consciousness into a physical human – me!
  • My Inner Being is energy that is projected by its Inner Being (the next doll to the left, and so on)
  • There is only ONE ENERGY. All individual consciousnesses; you and I, our Inner Beings, their Inner Beings & so on; are all projected energy from this single source

Recording of Robert talking about consciousness


NOTE: On recordings you will hear Robert refer to the “Monkey” within the human mind. He means the *Limbic system. To communicate with its human the Inner Being takes great care not to “make the monkey squawk”.

*Limbic system includes too many components to list here, but some are: Cingulate gyrus (cognitive functions and attention, autonomic functions e.g. regulating heart rate, blood pressure); Amygdala (fear, flight or fight response); Hippocampus (memory); Orbitofrontal cortex (decision making); Hypothalamus (metabolic processes – body temperature, sleep, hunger)