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5. Consciousness in Our Environment


  • Consciousness in our environment is a recent development when compared with consciousness in other environments. Our environment has a Level 0 physical vibration (slow) with form and mass. Level 1 and above consciousnesses are energy (wave, not manifested as particle) they have no form, no mass
  • I once asked Robert why he always refers to “your environment” instead of calling it Earth, this puzzled me because he manifested here so he knows it well. He explained that “the word is a deliberate choice, your environment is the part of Earth with energy and form visible to you, your apparatus (he means my human body) cannot have knowing of other environments that share your Earth because their vibrations are faster”
  • When a Wooden Doll is happy, its vibration is fast, but prolonged sadness/depression slows the vibration. The vibration of our environment in any moment is influenced by the collective vibrations of its consciousnesses
  • An Inner Being that flows energy to its manifested Wooden Doll will usually choose to also flow energy to animals & plants in the same environment. Their consciousnesses are less developed and are more stable (less dramatic mood swings) so this helps the Inner Being to balance swings in the vibration of its Wooden Doll