Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

4. Communication, Mediumship & Healing

  • Consciousnesses of the same level communicate easily/instantly via energy, they have no language as we would define language. To quote a speaker from a pool (channelled by Robert) it is “simply a complete knowing without the clumsy incomplete abstraction of language”. Only physical Level 0 consciousnesses (humans) have speech
  • Humans have some limited ability to communicate via energy, “but your beasts make better use of this, as did humans before their physical language became dominant; it remains and can be developed if the Wooden Dolls choose to practice using it often”. Robert’s words explain psychic communication between humans (Level 0), we all have some degree of sixth sense but most choose to ignore/distrust it
  •  It is only possible for an Inner Being to flow energy to its own Wooden Doll. Robert’s words explain clairvoyant communication: from the Inner Being of a deceased relative to the Inner Being of a human medium, which flows information to its Wooden Doll, the medium (from Level 1 to Level 0)
  • A human can choose to send energy to another. Robert’s words explain healing (hands-on and absent/distant): energy flows from Wooden Doll-A to Inner Being-A, then flows through Inner Being-B to its Wooden Doll-B
  • Robert’s Inner Being flows communication via the Inner Being of me (his medium Saesneggar). He is unable to flow directly to me. He insists that possession by spirit is impossible, it is a misunderstanding of mental illness
  • Initially when Robert channelled others, I struggled to understand him. He once described this process: “you are a fire, I stand with bucket, another flows water from the pool. I catch what I can in my bucket and throw it to your Inner Being to flow to the fire, but when it comes too fast many words splash onto the floor”