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Meaning of Life

Humans are always growing. This always will be and always was. Now, when the Earth was first growing, and this is still true in parts of your environment (third world), life was hard  ̶   the meaning of life was having a full belly that day, and for others to have a full belly. But, humans also had the books (religions), the doctrines, they had the knowing, they were happy. The part where you are living, the West, they had more growing   ̶   the doings of science, the learning, the wealth. Living is now easy for them. They have the means of life, but they are now losing the meaning of life. They have freedom and learning. They have the knowing in their head. They can no longer (be content with what they had). (During my life) I was happy with the doctrine (bible). I didn’t know anything else. I was like the baby, sucking on my dummy (pacifier, dulling the need to search for the truth). I was happy about it. I had no questions. But many now have the knowing that the sustenance of the dummy is not enough. The baby now (is growing up), they want more now. They want what is real now, not the dummy, so there’s a problem, (they need to find) the meaning of life. Having the means of living is easy, comfortable, but the meaning of life has gone. They are not happy, so how can they grow more now?

It’s easy for me to answer, this why I want to speak now. I want them to have knowing, every human, that they each have an Inner Being. The Inner Being is always here, eternal. He has the knowing of the human in every moment, all the knowing of his experiences. This is the learning, the growing of the Inner Being. So, the meaning of the human, is easy: (to bring about by our experiences in this physical world) the learning and the development of the Inner Being. This is part, a small part, but part of the one source. The Inner Being is part of source. So the human is contributing to the growing and doings of the one  ̶  the consciousness Saesneggar (Robert’s medium) calls it. I call it source, it’s the same. But this is the meaning. The humans, they have the need of knowing they have meaning. They don’t need a book (religion). They have an Inner Being. He is the source, they are the source. Not any another. They are the source, they have the freedom for choosing in life. The experience is not written. It’s the choosing in every moment. This shapes the source. Always becoming, not done. This is the answer. I am happy to say it.


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