Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being


Can I have a private sitting with Robert Hughes?

This is not currently possible. If you would like to submit a question for Robert, please do so via the Find Out More  page. We will email you the voice recording of his answer as soon as possible, given Saesneggar’s work commitments. We will try to respond within a week. After Christmas Q&A sessions will be available via Skype. Follow Blog posts to receive updates. 

How does Saesneggar communicate with Robert if he is in trance?

By using a recording device – Seasneggar asks the question then goes into trance and listens to the recording afterwards, or sometimes asks a friend to ask the questions. He cannot converse with Robert directly as he is totally unaware when in trance. Saesneggar does sometimes receive telepathic message from him, including an awareness of when he is wanting to speak in trance.

Is Robert from another dimension?

We are actually speaking with the Inner Being that flowed through Robert when he lived. The personality of Robert remains like a coat hanging in a wardrobe that his Inner Being can choose to wear when it communicates with us. It chooses Robert’s coat because this makes Saesneggar comfortable to speak in trance. The Inner Being has had many hundreds of incarnations, but always chooses the coat of Robert when speaking with Saesneggar. He has explained that all Inner Beings exist within what we call the Zero Point Field, the one energy that all consciousnesses, including us, are part of (see Creation – Clock Analogy). Most of the energy of Robert’s Inner Being is now at Level 2, manifesting in non-physical environments. The small part of his energy that remains at Level 1, for his Wooden Dolls that are still living, exists in a non-physical dimension of this earth environment.

Could my deceased relative/friend speak through Saesneggar?

It is possible for Robert to communicate with the Inner Being of humans who have transitioned to spirit. Only Robert can currently speak directly through Saesneggar as his energy and energetic ‘voicebox’ has been finely tuned to Robert’s energy. When he was first learning to speak in trance, others were able to communicate briefly as part of his learning process and theirs.

Does Robert speak through anyone else?

Not at present, though many others in spirit speak through different trance mediums.

Is Robert another incarnation of Saesneggar’s Inner Being?

No. Normally the best match for speaking would be another incarnation from the same Inner Being. As Saesneggar’s Inner Being has not had previous incarnations on earth, many ‘coats’ tried on the ‘slipper’ to find a match [Cinderella analogy]. The energy of Robert’s coat was the best match.

Why hasn’t Robert learned to speak better English?

Robert spoke very little English when he was alive. When he first spoke through Saesneggar, it was all in Welsh. His knowledge of English has increased since he first began speaking, though he does still have trouble finding the right word on occasions, especially with numbers! On these occasions, Robert’s Inner Being flows the correct word to him. However, Robert does still speak with his Welsh sentence structure translated directly into English, which sometimes makes him hard to understand. This is a deliberate choice of his Inner Being to show that it is the ‘coat’ of Robert who speaks. In these instances, the language has been clarified in the transcripts for better understanding (with help from Robert’s Inner Being).

Could I ask Robert to speak through me?

If you wish to learn to communicate in trance, you could join a reputable trance circle locally. It is unlikely to be a quick process as the physical body needs to be prepared for speaking and a suitable match with a communicator in spirit needs to be found. Saesneggar sat in a trance circle for nearly 3 years before Robert was able to speak. The majority of trance mediums communicate with a previous incarnation of their Inner Being. However, please be aware that your Inner Being can choose to communicate as anyone that you would feel comfortable with, eg an Ascended Master, or Elvis.

How do you know this isn’t just Saesneggar speaking?

Over the years Robert has brought through a great deal of accurate personal information about people that Saesneggar has no knowledge of. He has also spoken in several different languages that Saesneggar is unable to speak.

How do you know this isn’t some dark energy speaking through you? How do I know I can trust what Robert is saying?

When you meet a living person for the first time, you use your gut feeling/judgement to assess whether you like them. The same is true for people who have passed on. Robert has always been a warm and compassionate person. This has not changed since his death! He communicates to help people and has never caused any negative impact.

Where does Robert get his information from?

When people ask personal questions, Robert consults that person’s own Inner Being for the answer. Whenever Robert’s Inner Being is asked a general question that he doesn’t have the answer for, eg a quantum physics question, he consults a ‘pool’ (collective of consciousnesses with common interest) to get the answer.

Is this a money-making scam?

Robert has no need for money. He speaks to raise awareness of wider consciousness and to encourage all people to connect with their own Inner Being. Saesneggar has never taken payment for communicating or healing, if anybody wants to make a financial contribution to thank Robert for his help, they can make a donation to Macmillan Nurses.