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When I was driving here I had a déjà ju moment; what is happening when we experience this? SC 7.10.15

Ah, this I have like of. Now I explain, the future you say, it has not happened when you have the experience of the déjà vu. It’s not already happened, but your Inner Being wants you to notice a thing, so it’s easy for him, he influences your head for you to see the thing and you think “I know of this, this is a memory of mine”. It’s not. It wears the coat of a memory. It’s not a memory. It is happening now, but it has the feel in your head like it is already a memory. Your Inner Being knows this: “Ah, she has noticed this, ha, for she thinks it’s a memory and it’s happening now.” He is able to do this to make you notice. This is always the déjà vu.

When it’s happened to me, it doesn’t seem like anything significant is occurring. Is there any way for us to notice what the Inner Being wants us to understand about it?

It’s not always the thing. It’s often the vibration of how you feel about the thing. He is able to conjure up the vibration from the experience of the thing. The thing might not be important, only the vibration he wants you to know.

It’s the vibration that’s important?

This is so, like dreaming. You wake up and have a memory of part of the dream. There is no big need (to remember) the doings of the dream, but the emotion, the vibration of the feeling of the dream, this is what your Inner Being wants to communicate to you.