Robert Hughes Channelling

Robert's gateway to your Inner Being

Why Robert speaks

I asked Robert why he speaks to us . . . he says now is time for Man to wake



All my life, even the trenches, my faith was strong. But the book [religion] dulled my thirst for truth, like a baby suckling the silver.

meditation (2)

You have an Inner Being. He knows you better than you know you. He loves you in your joy and in the wrongs that you learned from. Sit with him each day in the quiet of his love, let him show you the truth that he sees. Not my [Robert’s] truth, find truth for yourself with your own Inner Being. It is written in no book, for it is ever becoming, never done.

crowdAround you are many who fear another’s book and will kill the other. You force no book [doctrine] on another, nor fear another’s book. Your environment sustains not because there is one shape of beast or plant, but because there are many; all are ever becoming, never done. Such is truth, shaped by many, not one, ever becoming, never done.”




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