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About Saesneggar

What is your Mediumship experience, how did you come to channelling?

Unlike most mediums, I did not have spiritual experiences as a child.  I had an inquiring mind and enjoyed taking things apart to find out how they worked.  In my teens I was drawn towards mathematics, science and technology.  I loved computing and chose this as my degree and my subsequent career.

During the first year after my Father passed away I saw him briefly, but assumed that this was a normal part of the grieving process. Later during a difficult phase of my life my Father spoke to me, telling me something that I did not believe at the time, but subsequently came true. This shook my disbelief in life after death and started my journey to find the truth about life after death and about the wider consciousness that I think of as “me” – who am I and why am I here became a big question for me that I had never felt an interest in before.

As part of this search for answers I met a medium, she told me many detailed things about my Father and she used many phrases that he used. I was shaken. She told me that everyone can communicate with spirit, it takes many years of dedication, sitting to meditate to connect, and of course proper training.  I trained for 2 years to become an HPAI (Healing Practitioner Association International) healer and have now practiced healing for 7 years, mostly with cancer patients.

Six years ago I met a trance medium.  I loved to attend his demonstrations, asking many questions about the non-physical side of life.  The trance medium started a development group and invited me to join.  Six of us sat in meditation for trance together once a week and alone each day.  After almost three years I had given up on speaking for spirit, but I loved the feeling of sitting in trance, so continued to sit at the end of each day before bed.  One of my sons told me several times that he had heard me making strange noises, initially I thought he was teasing me, but eventually I purchased a voice recorder so that I could hear whether any noises were real.  There were noises but nothing that could be recognised as speech. After around six months I could tell that the noises were developing into speech, but I could not tell which language except that it was not English – I speak only English.

I continued to speak during our weekly trance meetings, and also attended several trance classes.  During one class another attendee identified that my speaker was communicating in Welsh, he was able to translate.  This is where I learned that my communicator was called Robert and that he had passed away during WW1 in Flanders.

Armed with this information, an attendee of my weekly trance class asked Robert for his army service number, he then traced his army records – these confirmed the information that Robert had previously given about his birthday, the date of his death, his address and the details of his parents.  This was the first time that I really believed that I had a communicator!

Robert has now been speaking through me most days since February 2012.  In life he was proud of the fact that he spoke no English, but his English has now improved such that most people can understand him, but his grammar remains predominantly Welsh.

Robert now feels like a part of my family. l enjoy his warm caring nature and his sense of humour.  Since Robert has been able to speak through me I have gained answers to many of my questions about the wider consciousness of man.  Initially much of what he said did not sit comfortably with me, his views were also very different now to what they had been during his lifetime.  However during recent years I have come to believe what Robert has told me.

What does Saesneggar mean?

During Robert’s lifetime family and friends would only be referred to by their real names when there was a problem, otherwise everyone would use their nickname.  Robert’s nickname for me is Saesneggar.  This is a term widely used in his period, it is a derogatory term for an English person!

Explain the process, how does Saesneggar communicate with Robert?

I have seen several demonstrations by trance mediums who are conscious and can ask questions and debate with their communicator. Unfortunately I cannot.  When in trance I have no awareness of Robert, or of anything, it is like being in a deep sleep and I always return from trance feeling very refreshed. 

I ask Robert questions and then I go into trance, then listen to his answers on my voice recorder. This makes communication slow, as I frequently have follow-on questions.  Alternatively, when I have another person speaking with Robert I often ask them to also ask some of my questions.

Why do you choose to remain anonymous?

I am sorry if this causes frustration to friends of Robert, but I have a “normal day job” in commercial information technology.  My employers and my clients would struggle to accept my hobby of channelling Robert, as I have a family to feed and a mortgage I need to protect my career!

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