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Robert Hughes enjoyed a fulfilling and happy life in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, where he co-managed his parents’ dairy. He volunteered for WW1 and reached the rank of Corporal, but died in Flanders in 1916. He has been channelled by Saesneggar (Robert’s nickname for his medium) since February 2012.

Since then, he has shared a wealth of information in recorded sessions which he would now like to bring to a wider audience.

PLEASE START by viewing this short slide show:  Essence of Robert’s Message. This gives a clear explanation of the various pictures and terms he uses, otherwise you might find the rest of the information confusing.

Then on the Topics  page, you will find a summary of  blog posts which draw together information Robert has shared at different times, relating to various subjects.

He speaks to inspire and teach us to form a stronger relationship with our own Inner Being, so that we may:-
– Experience for ourselves the unconditional love of our own Inner Being, each and every day
– Live a happier and more responsible life, by deliberately creating our own future
– Live a more meaningful life, by understanding our own role in the ongoing development of the wider consciousness.

His views on consciousness may challenge some of the beliefs held by you, they certainly challenged many of mine! But as Robert says, “free will is the right of every human” so if his views do not sit well with you, that’s fine. If they do, then you may want to explore more. Saesneggar (Robert’s Medium)

Essence of Robert’s Message – Click to activate Slide Show

Inner Being

Audio of Robert introducing himself through Saesneggar.

Click here for Transcript of Robert introducing himself.

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