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ETs, UFOs & Light Beings

Do ETs exist? Are there beings living on other planets? Do humans really see UFOs and have aliens abducted humans?  Robert answers from the spirit perspective


Do extra-terrestrials exist? CC 2.5.14

ET is a name used by Wooden Dolls of this environment (humans). Your time is measured by a clock. If you look inside this machine it has many hundreds of pieces which all work with the next piece. If one piece does not work then the whole thing does not work. I have talked about the energy of Inner Beings from Levels 1 to 5 – they are all pieces of the clock, all work with the piece next to it, each piece cannot work with pieces too different from it. [Also see Creation – Clock Analogy] The knowing of Wooden Dolls is only of earth. There are also many other environments in your earth that (Wooden Dolls) have no knowings of. They are in (the same) now and earth but they are also one more piece of the clock. There are millions of pieces of the clock in other earths. Others are not physical. Level 2 environments do not ever manifest physical. Level 3 and bigger pieces of clock than level 2, have very fast energy.

Are there Inner Beings living on other planets on other galaxies in the universe? WM24.6.14

The Inner Beings of different levels will manifest in a different environment for their energy, some are like earth and have physical particles and matter, most do not. The new Inner Beings have particles like you here. Most do not need it, they have faster energy as wave form. The Inner Beings of the higher ones like Level 3 and 4, they have manifested many hundreds of Wooden Dolls in many different environments. It’s very hard for higher level Inner Beings to manifest here, they do not have experience for sustaining Wooden Dolls here and it takes a lot of energy. All Inner Beings have the knowings of the doings, the learning of each of their Wooden Dolls in each environment. That learning flows to the Inner Beings from the different environments.

The science in your environment speaks of entanglement, it means all waves and all particles in the moment are paired together. All is one, all have knowings of all, that’s how Wooden Dolls in your environment discover knowings of how it is; there are startings of the knowings, now (some Wooden Dolls are) not wanting the book (religious doctrine). The child (is given) the book when it has fear of ‘what am I and where am I’, like the boy when the mam has a baby and the boy is jealous of the baby, then the mam gives the boy a book saying the baby comes from the big bird (stork), but when he grows older, he understands that the baby comes from the mam. There are many books, Wooden Dolls are possessive of their own books (of beliefs).

Are there any beings living on other planets or are they all just in other dimensions?

There are many hundreds of Level 1 physical environments like your environment, many hundreds. They are physical like you are and their beasts, many hundreds of the different beasts in the physical environments. But for the how (they would) travel to visit, it the same as how I travel to see the Stone Ones (Robert’s name for a group of Level 3 healer beings); when I have their vibration, I tune in to their song and I go there. That is how we all one, we don’t have talking with each other with the mouth, we have talking with thought-forms and we have knowing of their energy from their thought-forms like their fingerprint and when we have their fingerprint, we have the thought-form to go and visit our energy to where they are. That is how we travel. We do not have a machine to get into, we have the thought-form, the thought form is all. And now it’s not necessary (for us) to go to work on a plane, it’s all thought-form, can be thought form to get there.


When humans see UFOs what is it? CC 27.5.14

Ha ha, they are not from other places, ha ha, there are many hundreds in your environment. They are different energy, Wooden dolls cannot have the apparatus to see them, like me. I am in your environment, the biggest part of my energy is in your environment, but I am not much seen. [Note: The Inner Being of Robert has shown himself to humans sometimes as an orb or spirit light. Visual aspects of Robert the man, such as his moustache, have occasionally been visible over Saesneggar’s face when in trance through transfiguration]

‘Spaceships’ are of your environment. Some are like new mapping of planes, for experimenting (new designs being tested). Built by humans for experience and might have a different way of making their energy for powering them. Not used yet. Experimental, that is the word I wanted. Some are for joking. Most are for joking (hoaxes). That’s the thinking about the ones in the fields (crop circles) that they are joking, but they are not joking, they are art, they are done for love, for pictures.

Are ETs able to manifest UFOs for us to experience? WM 24.6.14

Their energy is not slow enough to manifest here, it cannot be known by your apparatus. It can be recorded on some contraptions and there is some interference with your contraptions. The manifesting is not seen or heard or smelt.

Alien Abduction

What is happening when people think they have experienced Alien abduction? CC 29.7.14

This is 2 things. It can be either. Now, the first can be the dreaming of the Wooden Doll, but also it can be that the Inner Being is choosing to show this for its Wooden Doll’s experience.

Why would the Inner Being want that, to make the Wooden Doll afraid?

May not have the wanting of fear, may have the wanting of the leading, the important, (to use the image to make the person pay attention) to have the Wooden Doll talking to its Inner Being. The Inner Being might feel the Wooden Doll does not want to receive communication from its Inner Being, that it is not being listened to. It might also want to convey important messages to other Wooden Dolls. (The alien image is being shown by) the IB, it can choose from many different images. One from a different environment (ET) can be shown, or the angel, or of the book (a religious character). There are many choices. [Note: the Inner Being chooses an image that they know will resonate with the Wooden Doll, and therefore the Wooden Doll will pay attention to it.]

Light Beings

Are there Light Beings working with me in healing? CC-Sg 14.5.2014

There is one only, one energy, one thought, one mind you call it.  It’s many parts, all parts are different. There are many different speeds and power of the different energy. That is how I have described the levels, but all are one and all have knowing of each other part. It is all the one mind, different parts of one mind. The ones that are working with you and that you have love of, they are like you and me. They are all different parts of the one energy. No part is more important than another. I have said that they (Pleiadians) are a story, for a story is how a man explains of these parts to another man. They are a story, not the truth, but yes the energy forms they all exist, they are all real in different ways. Different energy that cannot be known by your physical apparatus. You cannot feel and see and taste these ones. They are not always in your physical environment. They can sometimes be and sometimes not be. Like any other energies they will cross your environment when they have choosing, when they have wanting for it.

In a clairvoyant reading I was told I was originally a Pleiadian, is this so? AS 8.7.14

The word Pleiadian has come to represent the idea of an experienced Inner Being, not from this environment. Your Inner Being has chosen to manifest many hundreds of experiences in this environment; it is not a young Inner Being. Like Robert’s Inner Being chose to have many hundreds of experiences in this environment. When Inner Beings have faster energy at Level 2, they cannot have Level 1 experiences and there is much to be learned from Level 1.  The idea of a Pleiadian is like the Nazarene and Nanak, a book (story) to help Wooden Dolls’ understanding, it is not a manifest thing. It is like a story to help understand an idea, like I talk about Wooden Dolls, that’s my book, my story to illustrate something. The Pleiadian is a picture used for the healers.


Time & Parallel Lives


roman-clock-newCan you explain the difference between your time and our time. My understanding that where you are in spirit, all time is one now, it’s not linear like we have in this environment. But if it’s not linear, do you already know what our choices are going to be? CC 1.7.14

I have not knowing how to show a picture for this. To explain, what you call time is this environment, it has time. It has a slow vibration, big mass, then gravity has workings here, this environment is slow vibration, big mass. The environment of the Inner Being has no mass, has a fast vibration, there is no mass here, the gravity is not noticed. It cannot be noticed if there is no mass and a fast vibration. Time is the measure of the light, of the vibration of the light from one place to another place in your environment. It is controlled by gravity, yes. Now we have none of that, no such. No gravity, no mass, no time. The now is our moments always, but we have the now experience of the Wooden Dolls in our now moments. They are the doings in the time of their environment. Many different times in the environments of the different wooden dolls, not of you. You and Saesneggar are in the same time (zone), but others have other timing, before and after, but this only how you seeing it in your environment. It’s not real, it is shown because of gravity.

So if you can see the past and future of our environments, can you also see what our choosings will be? CC 1.7.14

No, the choosings are of you. I can have a small jump into environments to look, but I and your Inner Being are not able for make choosings. Only Wooden Doll is able make choosing. We have the wanting, big wanting and we sending the vibration to help influence the choosing of the WD, but the Wooden Doll can still have the choosing to, or not to.

Can you please explain again about how you see our linear time. It’s hard to understand how in your now you can go back in our time to incarnate a Wooden Doll. Wouldn’t them going back in the past affect our now? CC 7.10.14

This so. This is not real. They do not have time. The Inner Being has now, all of now, he is not of time. He does not go back and go forward. He has only now.

So from our point of view, all of the incarnations in the past have already happened?

This so. The seeing of you is not always of now, it has only the small (seeing) of now, the moment. Cannot have the seeing of the one of the future of you.

If you can have a WD in our future, and they are all seeing it in the now, doesn’t that mean you can experience the future of earth?

They have only the knowing of the experience of their Wooden Doll. They do not have the knowing of all. They can only see the experiences of (their Wooden Dolls).

So are there different realities in the future?

There is the multiverse. There are millions and millions of the possible. It is not known what (you will) manifest. You are able to make the change. You can manifest any. (We) cannot have the knowing of which you choose.


Parallel Lives

RH fractalWhat happens to the choices we don’t make? Are different versions of the same Wooden Doll existing in parallel universes in the same now? CC 22.7.14

Not this, no. The Wooden Doll has the now. There are many choices in the now. The choosing that has the momentum, then has big momentum, has thought-form. The energy thought-form, it manifests, then the Wooden Doll has the experience. No other (experience) manifests for there is no momentum for the thought-form, it cannot manifest.

So there is only one version of each Wooden Doll and they have many choices to make and whatever they choose is their reality?

This is so. It can change. It can be that in the moment (a person is thinking): ‘I am choosing this one, but I don’t have big momentum, it does not have a big enough thought-form to manifest. I am thinking it’s not working. So I choose another, again no momentum’. The monkey is thinking it’s not working, so there are more choosings, many choosings; it’s all confusion for none are working. I am always seeing this in Wooden Dolls. There is need for thinking and choosing, then they have the momentum (to manifest). This is important. There is need of big momentum for the thought-forms. When there is enough, then it will manifest. Choose and have the passion of what you have chosen; (don’t have) the monkey doubting, that’s the problem.

Importance of Humans (Wooden Dolls)

The Importance of Humans (Wooden Dolls) and the pressing need for greater connection to their Inner Beings (Sg 14.5.2014)

(for further explanation of Wooden Dolls see Human Beings & Inner Beings)

blavatar RHNow what I have to explain, is that the physical is important, the Wooden Dolls I call them (humans). The Wooden Dolls are important.  They are very much big important, for the growing, the ever-becoming of your environment – there are many hundreds of environments all becoming (evolving). Your one is all becoming, a part of the all, no different. Look at your environment. There are hundreds and hundreds of your different beasts and your plants and such like them. Many hundreds – all different, all have influence on the other ones. Now your Wooden Dolls they are the ones through whom we other energies (in Spirit can have most influence on your physical environment. We flow, all energies, we flow the life force, you call it, into all of your beasts and your plants and your Wooden Dolls but most in this moment, the most influence of knowing of what our wanting is, is from your Wooden Dolls. Now the Wooden Dolls have big influence on all of the others in your environment, your beasts and such. That’s why it’s very important that more Wooden Dolls develop bigger pipes to their Inner Being. So there can be more influence from their Inner Beings, this is wanted now.

‘Tis important for your environment has need for less polluting energy, for the energy created by the Wooden Dolls now to sustain their lives has (negative) influence on your beasts and your environment. Now there is a bigger energy, – Zero Point energy. It exists, it’s all here, it’s all everywhere. It’s what I am, it’s what you are. When I talk of energy that is what I mean. That is the word that your Man has for it. One day your Man, your Wooden Dolls will know. They will have the knowing to work with this Zero Point Energy and it will be used instead of the energy that you are now using.

It is very good for the beasts and the environment of your living. It helps the growing, the ever-becoming. It (Zero Point Energy) will be easier and faster and less of a problem for it. But it can also be a big problem if it is not properly developed. It can harm the beasts and your physical environment. It can be big harmed. So there is a big need now that all the Wooden Dolls do not have belief in the stories of their Mams and Dads. Now they have bigger need for no stories (of religions etc), but to have bigger pipe to their Inner Being, so the Inner Being can have bigger energy to the Wooden Doll and more influence for the Wooden Doll. This moment in time is important for Wooden Dolls. All environments have moments when there is great importance and moments when it’s not so important. Now in this environment it is very important in this moment that Wooden Dolls start to have bigger pipes. So do not think that Wooden Dolls are not important. They are most important for the becoming of them and their beasts, and their environment (the Earth) will develop (and thrive) or not develop because of the Wooden Doll more than all others.



How Inner Beings and the Earth Environment grow based on the experiences and thought-forms of humans (Wooden Dolls)

Is it resonance that connects everything, especially with your example of the Russian dolls? JP G 22.5.14

All beings have at any moment an ‘Aaah’ (positive) or an ‘Urgh’ (negative) feeling; the sum total of all these feelings is what grows the environment and is responsible for how it grows (whether in a positive or negative direction). That is important for all to know. It is always becoming, all is always becoming. I have big laughing for the one here, Saesneggar, thinks of heaven and hell. But all is the thought-form. Now I am at Level 2, I do not sit on the cloud with a harp. I am not done, I am becoming, always all are becoming, not done, all growing. We are growing ‘Aah’ or growing ‘urgh’, that’s your job, that’s what you do. Your thought-forms are strong. The monkey makes the thought-forms, that is strong, it has the growings for the one on the cloud with the harp (our thought-forms help the Inner Beings to grow).


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Past Lives & Karma

Do we choose our life before we come here? WM24.6.14

The Inner being has the experience of each wooden doll. When the energy has re-emerged into the inner being (after transition), the ‘coat’ is in the cupboard, it does not come back. The Inner Being will have many other wooden dolls. It’s not reincarnation and karma, that is not the truth. When the Inner Being wants to manifest a Wooden Doll, the Inner Being wants an experience so it chooses where it is most likely to have the wanted experience. It chooses the time and place and parents, hoping for certain experiences, but it has no choosings (while the doll is incarnate). The Inner Being sends emotions to the Wooden Doll, but the Wooden Doll has the choosing. My Inner Being wanted to have the experience of being a soldier. I could have chosen not to be a soldier (Robert was in a reserved occupation). Nothing is written, you have the choosing.

Does memory of other lives influence this life? BH 22.7.14

This is important. The Inner Being has many hundreds of Wooden Dolls in your environment. Each of the Wooden Dolls has the doings and knowings. The Inner Being also has the knowings and doings of the Wooden Doll. He is learning with each of the Wooden Dolls. Like you when you were a baby, and when you grow bigger you have more learning. That shapes your head, shapes your thinking from your experiences. That’s the same for your Inner Being, for all the Wooden Dolls that he has the knowings from, he has learning from them and there is also the learning of you as the Wooden Doll, learning by you and by the Inner Being, of you both. It has the colour of the experience, the knowings and doings of all the Inner Beings and all the Wooden Dolls they have knowledge from. All this shapes the Inner Being in the moment. They are all important.

Are there past lives? WM 24.6.14

There are only the ‘coats’ of previous incarnations in the ‘cupboard’ of the Inner Being after they have transitioned. All the thought-forms of every Wooden Doll will always be in the Inner Being. Thought-form energy will never not exist. The Inner Being will always be, but not always in the same form. Energy builds with each incarnation, some incarnations build much energy, some build small, but all are building and shaping the Inner Being by their experiences. The Inner Being is always becoming – it is never done. With big energy the Inner Being can do more – it can sustain more Wooden Dolls and can spend energy like you spend money. Inner Beings get more energy by having Wooden Dolls. We spend a small amount of energy to flow into a Wooden Doll to sustain it. We have the energy of the thought-forms flowing from the Wooden Dolls to the Inner Being. After transition, coats can choose to always be together if they want. Nobody has to see other coats they don’t want to see.

Is there ever any need for clearing past lives of other Wooden Dolls of our Inner Being, or is there nothing there to clear? CC 8.7.14

That is not possible, the Inner Being has all the knowings of all the thoughts and all of the experiences of the Wooden Dolls. Now the Inner Being can choose to show these to a new Wooden Doll or not to show them. Most do not show (previous incarnations), but when the Inner Being chooses to show one it can. The Inner Being flows that down the pipe.

When Wooden Dolls have past life regressions, are they ever shown past lives from their Inner Being? CC 29.7 14

Can have, no problem. The Inner Being may choose to show any coat, but the Inner Being, ha, is also able and sometimes chooses to show something else (not one of its previous incarnations), it can show any it chooses.

Do Inner Beings ever choose to have a new Wooden Doll in the same ancestral line?

They can do, can choose it, but there is no purpose, there is not the wanting of the physical (influence). The physical has only small influence compared to the influence of the Inner Being in the doll.

I decided to clear my ancestral line of unpleasant characteristics, how am I doing in that? AM 19.8.14

This is not possible. The unwanted (characteristics) are in balance of the wanted ones. There is no problem, it is needed. It is more important for you to focus your thinking on the wanted, not the unwanted. This is important for you – not to have big thinking, and build momentum on thoughts about unwanted things, creating thought-forms about unwanted things. Now the thought-form energy will always be. It will have being long after you have transitioned (passed away) back to your Inner Being. The thought form doesn’t go, it’s always here, so be careful to choose to focus your thinking on what is wanted. Always make momentum by thinking about what excites you, the passion, the wanted. When you are building momentum, choose to build this, then you will have thought-forms building what is wanted. That wanted thought-form will still have being when you no longer have being. Then you will leave behind in this environment more wanted, positive thought-forms than negative, unwanted thought-forms. You will have contributed to raising the vibration of the environment, by leaving behind more faster energy; this is important for you.


Karma: I believe that at the end of each lifetime there is no karma, that it is all dealt with in one lifetime? AS 24.6.14

Karma is not the truth. The Inner Being always has been, always will be, but the Wooden Doll has one time, one environment, it is not born many times. There is no conversation with the Inner Being on transition, the Inner Being (already has experienced) all of the life of the Wooden Doll as it happens, it has the knowings as you have knowings. Nothing is passed from you to a new Wooden Doll, but all your experiences remain in the Inner Being; the experiences of all Wooden Dolls are in the Inner Being.

Robert Hughes channeling

Creation – Clock Analogy

Is there one God? WM 24.6.14


There is one energy, there is no ‘God’. I talk of the levels of the Inner Beings. Those with faster, stronger energy are the higher Inner Beings, but they are not better than the lower Inner Beings. There is one energy, I use the image of a transparent clock to explain. In the clock, you can see all the workings inside. Some pieces are small and spin very fast, they are like Level 5 Inner Beings, very fast. Some are big and slow, like on earth. They are particle, not wave*, the pieces are very heavy, very slow; but the clock cannot work if one piece is broken. The fast spinning and the slow spinning are all needed. All bring the experience to all the Inner Beings – all growing, all becomings of all environments. They are all needed, all equally important. The greatest importance is for diversity – that is what is needed from the thought-forms and the energy of the animals and the Wooden Dolls and the environments of earth and all other places. We have need of all. When you want to think of God, think of the transparent clock and all the pieces spinning, no one more needed than another one. All is good. If one piece is broken then all is broken. The thoughts and actions of each of us affects many around us, both seen and unseen by us, though they are always seen by our Inner Beings.

If all beings are like parts of a clock, were all parts created at same time? CC 27.4.14

No, there are many hundreds and hundreds of parts of the clock. They are all growing and when they grow it’s like when I explain that your pipe to your Inner Being grows in steps. It flows then it has a step to a bigger energy. It’s not smooth, it’s the same for all, (also the growth and expansion of Inner Beings), it’s not smooth. It grows a step and then grows another step and another step and at one point the Inner Beings have energy that is very big for their environment, and they can take a bigger step into the environment of the next level.

And then eventually will they step into a different clock?

There is only one clock. They step between one cog of the clock and then they step into the next cog. The cogs are all growing.

And new parts of the clock are being created all the time?

From the Wooden Dolls, like I have created when I was Level 1, I was the Inner Being of many Wooden Dolls. I created them, well no, that’s not exactly true. At Level 1 I constructed, it’s the Level 2 beings who create the materials that I needed for the Wooden Dolls. At Level 1 I can construct from the thought-form. I cannot create. That’s why I have difficulty now because I am Level 2, much of the energy of me is learning now how to create some small simple things, very simple and I mostly don’t get it right now. I have help from other beings. I can construct from others’ matter, I cannot create yet, but I have big wanting for more of that. This is why I have a very small number of Wooden Dolls now, for a lot of my energy is used in pools for learning with others how to create and the Level 3 beings are helping.

Are what we call ETs part of the clock?

ET is a name used by Wooden Dolls of this environment. The clock has many hundreds of pieces, all working with the next piece. If one piece doesn’t work, then the whole thing doesn’t work. The energy of Levels 1 to 5 etc are all pieces of the clock, all work with the piece next to it, but cannot work with piece too different from it. Your Wooden Dolls only know of earth. There are also many other environments in your earth they have no knowings of. They are in the now and the earth, but they are also one more piece of the clock. Millions of pieces of the clock are in other ‘earths’. Others are in environments that are not physical. Level 2 environments do not ever manifest physical. Level 3 and other bigger pieces of the clock than Level 2, their energy is very fast.

[* Note from Saesneggar: Light is both wave and particle. You can never see light being both at the same time though. The particles that make up matter can be considered to be condensed light, and individual electrons in atoms will emit light when stimulated. Light has also been shown to act as either a particle or a wave depending on what the observer expects to see. If light is shone through a double slit, it can be observed as particles, or as an interference pattern, indicating it is of a wavelike nature. Similarly, electrons passed through a double slit will also show up as particles or show interference as if they are behaving like waves. So, light can act like matter and matter can act like light.

Physical beings, like humans, are particle, not wave. Inner Beings do not have a physical form, and so are not condensed into particles, but just exist as waves.]

Healing 1 – Thought-forms and Healing

Importance of Thought-Forms in Healing

What is the best way to strengthen our thought-forms for healing? JP 22.5.14

Your Inner Being needs much practice with your Wooden Doll to build and grow the pipe then when the pipe is big and strong, then the more energy can flow from the Inner Being through thought-forms to the Wooden Doll. It’s not that you have need for learning. Your Inner Being has need for practice to grow your energy in here. It cannot grow fast as (the energy of) your Inner Being is hundreds and hundreds of times bigger and stronger than your apparatus (body) can take now. Your Inner Being cannot give more for you, your apparatus is slow, small energy, but when you sit with you Inner Being more (in meditation), each time your Inner Being can make your pipe bigger and stronger to take bigger and stronger energy. But each step is so tiny. It must be in many small steps, not big steps or the apparatus would stop. Spend your moments with Inner Being, each moment you spend with your Inner Being, then your pipe can be growing more of the energy from your Inner Being. There is no better use for your time than for sitting with your Inner Being.

What makes us ill? JP 22.5.14

It’s all deliberate thought-forms in the moment, many hundreds of people in this moment are thinking ‘will I have health or illness?’, that is only the choosing of your thought-forms. If you have ‘aaah’ (feel happy and positive), you have the health; if you have the ‘urgh’ (feel unhappy and negative) and ‘I have big fear, I am ill’, then you will be ill. Your Inner Being always gives you the feeling of no fear, be happy, then you will not be ill but the more your thought- form is ‘urgh’, the more you will be ill and the more you will fee ‘urgh’, and the smaller the pipe to your Inner Being will be. Smaller energy from the Inner Being flows through the small pipe to the Wooden Doll and the body will not have all the energy it needs to sustain it, and there will be more manifesting of small energy (from the Inner Being), that’s what illness is. It’s all down to the thought-forms – you have the choosing. (What you are thinking is) important in all moments. There is only one thought-form in the moment, so if you have lots of happy thoughts then have one sad thought, it brings it down. So when you are ill and you need healing, the thought-form is not happy, but there are other things, many hundreds of things in your head that make you happy, think of them, then your thought-form will be happy and the illness can go, for each moment that you are thinking the happy thought-form, your Inner Being can grow your energy and then the apparatus can have the energy it needs. The apparatus is not ill, it is never ill. The apparatus is always in good health when it has the energy to sustain it from the Inner Being, but if the energy of the thought-form is ‘urgh’, the body cannot be sustained.

Can you eradicate illness by changing your thought-forms? AS 24.6.14

This is very important. Being ill comes because the Wooden Doll has the ‘urgh’ (is unhappy and has negative thinking), and therefore a small pipe to the Inner Being. So the Inner Being cannot flow enough life force to the apparatus and then the apparatus will decline, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. But different parts of the apparatus cannot survive after a lot of time with small energy, then if the person is not able to become happier, then the energy gets slower and slower and smaller, and eventually they cannot survive any longer and they have transition (death). The Wooden Doll can be helped to be happier and to see in each day the things that will make it happy, then the pipe to the Inner Being will open more and the faster energy will make the declining parts better, and there will be healing.

Is there any illness that can’t be healed?

The body has the ability to heal – eg healing a cut, (first there is a) scar, then no scar. This is normal when the Inner Being can flow (energy) to the Wooden Doll. When the Wooden Doll is not happy, then the energy cannot be big and fast to sustain (the body). Then there would be no part of the apparatus that would not be sustained. The Wooden Dolls make Robert and (the other) Inner Beings laugh, for they think, ‘if I am 60, I am old’. If the Inner Being has knowledge of how to properly sustain a Wooden Doll, then healing can help, but if the Inner Being does not have the knowledge of how to sustain (a human body), then it cannot be healed. (An inexperienced) Inner Being needs to learn by getting it wrong.

When someone comes for healing, why does it seem to get in the way if they have high expectations? CC 22.7.14

Hmm. This is the monkey of the friend (healing client). The friend wants things to be different. Their monkey is thinking: “if I talk about what I want, then what I want will happen”. Not possible. The healing that the body wants will flow, not what the monkey wants, it’s not the same.

They’ve got to change their thinking too?

They need their monkey to be sleeping (comfortable with the process and relaxed), then there is no problem, the apparatus can have healing. When the monkey is making the head of the person stressed, this creates a problem for the body. The healing is helping the body, but the monkey is a problem. If the monkey stresses the apparatus, there will be more problems. If the monkey is not comfortable with the healing, he blocks the ‘sleeping’ of the person in the healing. If the monkey wants to squawk, it’s hard for the Inner Being of the friend (healing client) to flow the healing when the monkey squawks. It cannot flow.

And when a person comes for healing, is there any way of knowing if it is something that can be healed or is the person just having an experience wanted by their Inner Being? Or is it possible to heal anyone, if the person can change their thought-forms? CC 22.7.14

That is so. The Inner Being always wants the experience. The Wooden Doll has the choosing, once he knows what is creating the disease. He then has the choice to have new thought-forms or not to have new thought-forms. That is the healing. The healing from light beings can make the apparatus well in the now, but they have no influence on the future of the one having the healing and what their future they will choose their thought-forms to be in the future. The healing only works on the apparatus in that moment.

Can you explain the difference between the big wanting with rockets of desire that is helpful in the Law of Attraction, and when people have high expectations that isn’t helpful, such as when a person who comes for healing is expecting a miracle but doesn’t understand that they need to change their thought-forms? CC 18.6.14

The difference is easy for me. When the Wooden Doll knows that it can be made well, the believing is the momentum of the thought-form . The monkey in the head is saying “I have knowing I will be well, I have knowing my apparatus will be well, only this is stopping the well, but the apparatus will always be well”. That is in the (positive) knowing in the head. The way that doesn’t work though, is where the person is saying “I want to be well, but I have knowing, my belief is that the body, the whole apparatus is broken and cannot heal. Their thought-forms have big momentum of broken and no momentum of well. A healing practitioner can offer the healing energy to this one and they will say, “oh this is different, I like it”, but it cannot make them well if their thought-forms always create the ill, the not well, that is the belief of people like this, their thought-forms have big momentum for the ‘not well’.

When we want to help others how much influence does healing have? JP 22.5.14

In this case if they are having ‘aah’ thought-forms they can have knowing of your thought-forms; if they are having ‘urgh’ thought-forms, their pipe (can still be) big enough to have your thought-forms. Your thought-form goes into their apparatus from their Inner Being, your thought-form goes via your Inner Being to their Inner Being to their Wooden Doll.

So when we do healing for someone else are we helping to make their pipe bigger? JP 22.5.14

Your thought-form is helping them, but also your energy is big in your apparatus and the thought-form, when you are speaking with them, tell them in words that it’s important not to think of fear and pain, to think of the happy, such as hearing a song they love in their head and seeing the food they love in their head. When they are in the bed (in hospital) weak and dying, and in much fear, they look in the beds of the others (in the hospital) and it’s the fear and the not happy that makes the pipe small. When you are healing you must remember that you can tell them it’s important not to have thought-forms of being ill, and others by them who are ill. Have thought-forms in all moments of the joy, what you enjoy. Tell them to think always of that. Saesneggar is a healer and she has known patients who get the happy all clear, because they have had healing and learned to be happy, but in year or two will have forgotten. They will not have made the changes in life that were needed for happy, and will have again the cancer. But you cannot always in the moment make the Wooden Doll happy.

Robert Hughes channeling

Earth, Evolution & Environment

Does the earth need healing? AS 8.7.14

Anita Spring, Rainbow caption sm watermarkedThis is not so. The environment has had many many transitions. The Wooden Doll that you know as me, is very new, it is not a big problem of your environment. The Inner Beings flow through all things, all one energy; the same flow in plants and beasts. Environments have one energy, the same as the energy of all Inner Beings. The balance in this energy, it is balanced by the Inner Beings. The Wooden Doll has influence, but the Inner Beings have more (responsibility for the) transition of things. Your environment has moments when it cannot sustain the same beasts.

When it is very cold in your environment many beasts are not able to survive in that environment. Now the Inner Beings are saying, it’s not a problem for the environment now needs different beasts. The changes in all animals take place when the babby is in mam (when in the womb). The DNA of the babby has the 2 choosings from both mam and dad (DNA from both parents). Now the Inner Being can choose ‘I will take this piece of mam and this piece of dad for best probable survival in the new environment’ – small changes. But there are moments when big changing (is taking place) and the choosing for small changes in the DNA cannot be fast enough, much faster is needed. Then the apparatus of the babbies, that apparatus it is no longer a fit for the environment, for the apparatus of babbies has small, slow changes (through the generations), now the environment undergoes a big, fast change, then the beast cannot survive. It’s not a problem for the Inner Being always manifests different, the changing for the babbies (of the new generations), but always the plants and the beasts will be there, though they might not look the same, because the environment might not look same.

One problem that can seriously harm your environment is the Zero Point Field. It’s something new for you, not much is known of it – the Inner Beings want to communicate this to the Wooden Dolls of science that can understand this properly. They have new work in this area, the Zero Point Field. The Zero Point Field is not new, it’s always there, this is where Robert lives. This is where your Inner Being lives. This is the energy of your environment. Your Wooden Dolls have now new experience of this, very small knowings (the beginnings of understanding). Now the fear is that if the Inner Beings are not able to explain properly to the Wooden Dolls, then the using of this energy might not have the outcome that is wanted by the Inner Beings of Wooden Dolls. This is why the many pools blue_earth_and_moon_wallpaper-normalfor your environment are now sending knowings to the Wooden Dolls who are working with, (and experimenting with) the Zero Point Field. They are learning a great deal quickly, this is wanted. But I want to tell you something important. The worst thing is if the Wooden Dolls do not have proper knowings of the Zero Point field, then the energy of your environment will fast destroy the environment, but this is not a problem for the Inner Beings, there are other environments (to create). They will have the flowing in other environments also. It has happened many times that the Zero Point Field has not been understood by Wooden Dolls of the an environment. Usually the Wooden Dolls have much more knowledge before they discover the Zero Point Field. It has been found early here.

Environmental Effects: mobiles, fluoride, chem trails, meridian lines, microwaves

Mobile Phones: Is the energy from mobile phones a danger to us or does the pipe from Inner Being override things like that? JPG 22.5.14

It is a very small amount of energy, it’s not a problem. This device that is in your pocket is small. There are other devices which emit big energy for your apparatus. You cannot see it, but the apparatus has waves of energy from them so they are not often with you but they are always flowing in your environment. But it’s not a problem if it’s not in your apparatus often; if not for many moments then no harm is caused. But the ones that are always with you all the time (such as mobiles), they are small and do not harm.

Fluoride: Is fluoride a problem for calcification of the pineal gland? CC 2.5.14

Many chemicals in this environment have influence on the physical but they have influences on different parts of the body. The influences are not strong in size when compared to the size of the pipe to the Inner Being. Having a bigger pipe is more important. With any problem needing healing, if they get a bigger pipe to their Inner Being, there will be no need of healing. The Inner Being always has big health. A positive attitude and excitement gives the person more energy from the Inner Being.

Chem Trails: Are chem trails anything harmful or just vapour trails? CC 1.7.14

They have the very small parts of the waste from the contraption (aeroplane) , so it’s small, no problem. Just the waste goes into the environment.

Some people believe it’s governments spreading chemicals on Wooden Dolls with these? This is not true. The only ones with the chemicals, they are the much smaller plane which fly low down and put water on the fire or the food or such like for growing crops. These are small (planes). Not for control of Wooden Dolls, not, no. There are only gas attacks like that one with the underground train. They have that in the train. Not governments, but groups of men, wanting to control.

Meridian Lines: Do I have any energy meridians near my home? CC 22.7.14

All places have them, like (meridian lines) in your body. There are many hundreds of small ones for flowing of energy. The environment is the same, is has many hundreds of small flowings, in all places. Cannot sustain the environment if there are no flowings, they are what they all use. The Zero Point Field is flowing in places like Robert is flowing.

Microwaves: Are microwaves harmful and do they destroy the good energy in food? CC 13.8.14

They harm the living of tissue. Your body could not survive the flow of microwaves through you, cannot have. But there is no problem it is used on tissue that is not living. There is no problem. The vibration is fast. Has energy flowing. Faster than you can have in your body. Can have the shot of this wave form for food, no problem, for the life of the wave is short. There is no vibration when you bring the food into your body, the microwave vibration has stopped.

Does it destroy the nutritional value of the food?

It does not change the molecular structure of the matter. It does not change. It is possible for your food, it does not change anything.

Do the machines emit harmful waves?

When they have the correct working, they don’t put out the fast vibration, it is only (contained) in the box. When the lid of box is old, it can have the leaking of the fast vibration. It would only take a small leak to destroy the living tissue of your body.

Robert Hughes channeling

Angels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides

 Do Ascended Masters and angels really exist? Who are  the Pleiadians and what are spirit guides? Robert answers from the spirit perspective


Angel statue 23 x 30cm watermarked

Angels and Ascended Masters

Are there beings like Ascended Masters and Angels in different environments and can we ask to connect to them or are we always just connecting to the Inner Being? (LGr 22.5.14 & SC 29.7.14)

All Inner Beings give knowing to their doll. These images are shown to Wooden Dolls by the Inner Being when there is a need to convey a particular message in that moment. They are images of beings who are known in this environment, who the monkey part of the brain is likely to respond to, and not be afraid of. The Inner Being might choose to show many different images at different times and the Inner Being will have to make a quick choice of which image to show that is likely to take away the fear of the monkey in that moment. Your Inner Being flows Level 1, his Inner Being flows Level 2 and his Inner Being flows Level 3 and so on. My own Inner Being gives knowing to me.

Now the Ascended Masters you speak of, they are mostly Level 2. Your Wooden Doll is able to flow your Inner Being and your Inner Being’s Inner Being. Everything you see in the moment flows from your apparatus to your Inner Being and also your Inner Being’s Inner Being experiences what you see and think in the moment. Always the knowing can flow from a Level 2 Inner Being to the Level 1 Inner Being then to your Wooden Doll, this is possible. Your Inner Being chooses how to show the flowing. If there is the flowing (of information) and no images, then you are not interested in it. So your Inner Being chooses to show it in your head as something different. He chooses the best way to show it to have your monkey seeing most of the flowing. He might show an angel or an ascended master, or a being from another planet. There are many options. He will choose what is comfortable for your monkey. It is important for the monkey to notice it, or else the flowing will not be listened to. What you call an Ascended Master is not a person, it is a Level 2 Inner Being. They always have the knowings of all Wooden Dolls in the environment here (earth). They can always choose, if wanted, to flow to a Wooden Doll (through its Inner Being). They don’t exist in a place of energy. Some lived on earth, not all, some were images in the head of the ones here. The Nazarene was here, he was a healer.

Is it appropriate to call on angels for help in healing? AS 8.7.14

When you call on angels, the Inner Being gives the answer, but sometimes shows itself with the ‘coat’ of the angel, for then your monkey is comfortable with what is given and notices it more, so this is why your Inner Being sometimes chooses to show its energy as an angel. As your pipe to your Inner Being grows, there will be less influence from images of angels, for the Inner Being will not have the need for an angel ‘coat’. It will be better able to give knowing to your head without needing to use the ‘coat’.

Are the angels coming close when I do Angelic Reiki? BD 1.7.14 & BH 22.7.14

What you are experiencing as ‘angels’ are Inner Beings of others who work in the Level 2 pools* for healing. There are many hundreds of Level 2 pools. Many hundreds of Level 2 Inner Beings are pouring their energy from their ‘buckets’ into your pools for healing. They have very fast Level 2 energy and can flow a small amount through your Level 1 Inner Being to your Wooden Doll. They are choosing to be in this healing pool. They are pouring their energy into the pool for your environment, the earth, for the healing of Wooden Dolls is possible now. As they are from Level 2 pools, you feel hot, you feel different, you may feel dizzy. In healing, you need bigger, stronger energy flowing through your pipe, so your head sees a guide and thinks ‘ah stronger, faster energy here’, then stronger, faster energy can flow through you to the healing client.

[*Note from Saesneggar: A pool is an energy collective. Many hundreds of consciousnesses (Inner Beings) have chosen to spend some small “drops” of their energy to further a shared interest. Robert explains that Inner Beings choose how they spend their limited energy in much the same way that humans choose to spend their limited time/money]

Spirit Guides

Carl Birch guide 2 watermarked smWhat are Spirit Guides? WM 24.6.14

These are images shown so that the Wooden Doll will trust what is shown and said by the Inner Being. These are shown when the Inner Being wants you to listen to important things from it. Most times Wooden Dolls don’t listen to their inner being, (but will pay attention to an image of a guide). The Inner Being can show itself in many ways, puts on a coat of anything it chooses. If the Wooden Doll has big believing in angels, the Inner Being chooses to show the coat of an angel. If the Wooden Doll has trusting of a Chinese doctor, it puts on the coat of a Chinese doctor. Sometimes an Inner Being will choose to show one of its own previous incarnations, one who played a big role in helping the growth of the Inner Being by its experiences, but not always. The Inner Being can choose to show anything, not only its own previous incarnations. It can show anything that is in your head that you have trusting of. Some trust a young child, others an old man or woman, or an angel. The Inner Being might choose to show a wise old spirit, one that it knows the Wooden Doll will trust.

Nothing can come to you other than through your Inner Being. It is the policeman on the door. Intuition comes from the Inner Being (and this can be shown via the form of a guide). Coincidences are not chance or luck, all is the thought-form and is from the Inner Being for you to trust. The Inner Being cannot make you do something, can only make you want something. Wooden dolls have many small choosings, all choices have a parallel universe.

When my friend does healing for me, where is the energy coming from? Sn 17.4.13

It is from her Inner Being, and the energy stream that flows through her for the healing, it is not another, she says guide, healing guide. It is not. There is only ever one and it is the Inner Being for all Wooden Dolls. Nobody can access the Wooden Doll, just the Inner Being. But the Inner Being has access in every moment to other Inner Beings so it can connect and it can transfer, to move from here to here to here from the Inner Being of another one to itself, to its doll.

So does it mean there are no spirit guides as we call them? There are not.

It’s probably most disappointing for a lot of people.

It should not be so. The doll should understand that its Inner Being knows it better than it knows itself, because the doll is a fragment of the Inner Being. Who would be a more appropriate person to guide you than an Inner Being? There is none.

Spirit Guide Drawings

What is happening when I do spirit guide drawings? Is it my Inner Being showing me or someone else working through the Inner Being CC 2.5.14, 27.5.14

It’s a way for the Inner Being of the person to communicate with their Wooden Doll. It’s a giftSiri sm watermarked from their Inner Being. The Inner Being of the one who is needing the art is wanting to send a picture to its Wooden Doll. The Wooden Doll of the person is not seeing it themselves, so the Inner Being it sends that picture to your Inner Being and then you see it in your head. It flows into the part of you that has the knowing for the drawing and you can build that picture into a physical ‘map’ that the apparatus of the person can see. Your Inner Being knows how the Inner Being of the person wants to be shown. It is not always what the person wants though. It may be that the Inner Being wants to show a different Wooden Doll (another incarnation), or show what they need to trust the emotions. It’s important for the human to trust the emotions (coming from the Inner Being). They need to look at the picture and focus on it and it will help them. It will convey a message from their Inner Being. The Inner Being will show what it chooses, but truth from the Inner Being might not be seen as truth by the Wooden Doll in that moment.

The flow is in your picture – the flow of their Inner Being wanting to speak to them. He flows in them, but they do not always choose to allow the influence of the Inner Being. But when they look at the picture, they open their eyes for their Inner Being to speak to them.


Are there such beings as Pleiadians (AS 8.7.14)

Pleiadian is the word you are familiar with to describe an experienced Inner Being who is not from this environment. The Pleiadian name is like a story to help the Wooden Dolls’ understanding, it is not a manifest thing or being. It is like a story to help with understanding of an idea, like I use the example of Wooden Dolls , that’s my ‘story’, the picture to illustrate something. The Pleaidian is the picture used to symbolise the healers.

[Note from Saesneggar: It is also possible sometimes for other beings with specific knowledge from a pool to communicate with a Wooden Doll when required, but the answers will always be received by the Wooden Doll from its own Inner Being who conveys the message.  Robert communicates with me through his Inner Being into my Inner Being, to me.  He used the “picture” of a big fire where everyone passes a bucket of water from one person to the next until they build a chain from the pool to the ‘fire’ (the Wooden Doll), the last one in the chain to you is always your own Inner Being.  He also explained that where there is a big difference in energy level (vibration amplitude and speed) then much of the ‘water’ can be lost ̶ it splashes on the ground as the next bucket arrives too soon to be dealt with by the slower one.]

Robert Hughes channeling

Animals (Beasts) and Plants

How can we communicate with animals? Can an animal have the same Inner Being as its owner? What energy flows in plants? Robert answers from the spirit perspective.

I am interested in Animal communications and being able to see inside an animal’s body to diagnose a problem 9.6.14

Toots B&WThe animals on earth are no different to your physical apparatus. The Inner Beings that flow energy to you are the same Inner Beings that flow energy to them. The beasts don’t have strong thought-forms, they have more ease in the pipe to their Inner Being, they have more knowing of the Inner Being’s energy and the Inner Being is more able to give an ‘I want this’, or ‘I know of that’ message to the beast than to the wooden doll. The Inner Beings have many wooden dolls in each moment and many hundreds of beasts in each moment. The communication is not different, but it’s easier for the beasts. When the body of the beast is diseased, the beast has pain and he has fear and then it’s very easy for transition (death). There is not the fighting that the Wooden Doll has (about the idea of death) through fear of what comes next. Animals have no fear of what comes next, so their transition is quick, it’s simpler. Your energy from your Inner Being can give you a feeling for the beasts (communicate what is wrong with the animal). You can meditate with the beast to help you have a knowing in your head of the problem for the beast, but it’s not always easy to repair the problem. That’s for the Inner Being of the beast to help.

Can a person’s Inner Being be the Inner Being of their pet too? CC 26.8.14

This is often the case. The Inner Being chooses to flow in beasts. It can easily flow in animals, also in animals that were originally manifested by other Inner Beings. Animals can have the flowing of their own Inner Being and flowing of another Inner Being. The Inner Being can choose to flow into an existing animal (such as a pet) when it wants to.

It’s the same for plants, an Inner Being can choose to flow in plants (for example in houseplants of the human). It can choose to flow when wanted or not flow when wanted. The plants would have the same Inner Being as always who manifested them, but also have energy flowing from any other Inner Being who chooses to, then there is an energy match. It’s easier for plants and animals. It’s harder to match for a Wooden Doll. This is because the Wooden Doll has more knowing of energy. There is less knowing in beasts and much less in plants. It’s easier. There always will be the Inner Being who manifested the plant or animal. But also can have flowing of others, like Robert has flowing of Saesneggar, but it is not easy for a Wooden Doll to have this.

2009-09-06_15.44 croppedSo does an Inner Being choose to flow into plants in the area close to its Wooden Dolls?

This is so. The Inner Beings have the plants to help balance the energy of Wooden Dolls. They have the choosing of the flowing in the plant and animal close to the doll, easy for balance of energy for such.

And that happens with animals too, that it will start life with one Inner Being then when it gets a new owner, that one’s Inner Being will flow into it?

It will always have the Inner Being flowing that manifested the beast or plant but will also have flowing of another Inner Being if choosing.

Does this happen with most pets?

Where the Inner Being chooses, not always. The Inner Being might also choose to flow in animals other than pets. As Robert’s Inner Being, I choose to flow in many beasts where I wanted to be for Robert. He had more flowing of happy for he had the beasts of him (with his Inner Being flowing in them). So did you flow into the sheep in Robert’s valley after his transition? When Robert was in the dairy I also chose to flow into Robert’s animals in the dairy. He used to care for many animals. He liked this. Did you flow in the beasts after his transition because you liked the place? I did not choose to. I could have.

Inner Beings of Plants & Animals AS 8.7.14

Young Inner Beings practice and grow with (manifesting) beasts. Some beasts are harder than others. Much time for practising first, then they have a small number of Wooden Dolls but mostly beasts. They always have beasts also, never only Wooden Dolls. They will also have some plants and beasts. Plants are always important, they have stable energy. Their need for sustaining is always the same, it doesn’t have the emotion (fluctuations), it has constant energy. It helps to balance the Inner Being with the Wooden Dolls. When an Inner Being is needing more energy for a happy Wooden Doll with fast energy, it can take energy from a plant if wanted. It’s easier to bring back the energy from beasts than a Wooden Doll. Beasts have a bigger pipe to their Inner Being.

Robert’s original words for the above

I am interested in Animal communications and being able to see inside an animal’s body to diagnose a problem? 9.6.14

The beast of your environment they no different to your apparatus. The Inner Being that flow energy to you, it same Inner Being that flow energy to them. The beasts they have not the strong of the thought form, they have more ease in the pipe to Inner Being, they have more knowing of doings of Inner Being energy and the Inner Being have more able of give a ‘I want this’, ‘I know of that’ to the beast than to the wooden doll. The Inner Beings they have many wooden dolls in each moment and many hundreds beast in the moment. The communication it not different, but easier for the beasts when the beast, the apparatus is diseased, the beast have the pain and he have the fear and then it very easy for transition, not have the fighting that the Wooden Doll have through fear of what next. The beast have no fear of what next, the transition quick, it simpler. Your energy from your Inner Being it can give you a feeling for the beasts. You can have the meditating with the beast can help you for a knowing in your head of the problem for the beast but not always easier for repair the problem. That for the Inner Being of the beast can help.

Can a person’s Inner Being be the Inner Being of their pet too? 26.8.14

This the often of such. The Inner Being have choosing for flowing of beasts. Can have easy for beasts, can have flowing, not of same of manifest of beasts. For Wooden Doll have much of knowing of IB, not so of beasts. Beasts can have the flowing of Inner Being and flowing of other. Choosing of Inner Being have flowing also of animal when wanted, not always of flowing beasts. Same of plants. Can have choosing of flowing for plants. Can have flowing when wanted or not flowing when wanted. They can change the flowing? The plants would have the same Inner Being of always who manifested them but also have energy flowing from any of choosing when can have the matching of energy. It easier of plants and animals. Harder of matching for Wooden Doll. This for Wooden Doll have more knowing of energy. Less of beasts and many less of plants. Easier. There always will be the Inner Being who manifested the plant or animal. But also can have flowing of others, like Robert have flowing of Saesneggar, but not easy for Wooden Doll have.

So is that the case with trees near me, that my Inner Being has only flowed into them recently while I’ve been living here?

This so. The Inner Beings have the plant for the balance of the energy of dolls. They have the choosing of the flowing in the plant and animal close to the doll, easy for balance of energy for such.

And that happens with animals too, that it will start life with one Inner Being then when it gets a new owner, that one’s Inner Being will flow into it. Not of one, will always have Inner Being flowing that manifested the beast and plant but will also have flowing of Inner Being of choosing.

Does this happen with most pets?

Where choosing of Inner Being, not always. Also have choosing not pets. Robert have the Inner Being, I have choosing flowing many beasts where have the wanting for being for Robert. He have more of flowing of happy for he have the beasts of him. So did you flow into the sheep in Robert’s valley after his transition? When Robert was in dairy I have also choosing of flowing into Robert’s animals in the diary. He have the caring of many animal. Have like of this. Did you flow in the beasts after his transition because you liked the place? I no have choosing of such. Could have.

Plants & Animals AS 8.7.14

Young Inner Beings have practice and growings with beasts. Some beasts are harder than others. Much time for practising first, then they have a small number of Wooden Dolls but mostly beasts. Always beasts also, never only Wooden Dolls. Will also have some plants and beasts. Plants always important, they have stable energy. Their need for sustaining is always the same, it doesn’t have the emotion (fluctuations), constant energy. It helps to balance the Inner Being with Wooden Dolls. When an Inner Being is needing more energy for a happy, fast Wooden Doll, it can take from a plant if wanted. Easier to bring back the energy from beasts than a Wooden Doll. Beasts have bigger pipe for Inner Being.


Robert explains the importance of sitting with your Inner Being each day in mediation –  for optimum health, inner guidance and to know the truth of your life

“Your Inner Being knows you better than you know yourself.  He loves you in your joy and in the wrongs that you have learned from.  Sit with him each day in the quiet of his love, let him show you the truth that he sees.  Not my [Robert’s] truth, find truth for yourself with your own Inner Being.  It is written in no book, for it is ever becoming, never done.

All my life, even in the trenches, my faith was strong.  But the book [religion] dulled my thirst for truth, like a baby suckling the silver (a silver dummy).  Around you are many who fear another’s book and will kill the other.  You should force no book [doctrine] on another, nor fear another’s book.  Your environment sustains not because there is one shape of beast or plant, but because there are many; all are ever becoming, never done.  Such is truth, shaped by many, not one, ever becoming, never done.”

Sitting with your Inner Being is the most important thing for everyone, the best use of your time. Many people never have knowings of their Inner Being as they never meditate. It’s important to grow your pipe to your Inner Being, then the Inner Being can flow faster energy to you. The best way to meditate is to simply connect to the Inner Being (no music or images) and the best time is when getting ready to sleep. Go asleep with your Inner Being because that leaves your conscious mind in a state where it is easier for your Inner Being to work with you through the night.

Illness – If the pipe to the Inner Being is small and the energy is not fast enough, then the physical apparatus cannot be properly sustained by the Inner Being (for optimum health), then gradually there will be a declining in the physical body and illness will come. It can be made better by having more meditating with the Inner Being and taking time for the pipe to get bigger. Then the physical apparatus will change and return to health.

The best way to meditate is to simply connect to the Inner Being without music or images.  Sometimes, especially when people are new to meditation, or if they have difficulty in stilling the mind, it can help for them to use music and/or a visualisation meditation.  But if they become aware that their mind is only busy with the pictures, they will have no room for the Inner Being, so then it’s better to try with no words.